10 reasons why you should do group travel

A team made of unique individuals, all good in their own way in different areas, working together to live the travel dream and traveling in a group is an amazing experience. Imagine the happy vibes and the positive energy that one can feel while traveling in a group, that alone should be reason enough to take a group trip. Groups can be in any form. You can choose to travel with your entire joint family or for a fun weekend trip with your co-worker or with total strangers and make them your family the way we do here at Travel Affairs. The advantages of traveling in a group are many but the ones that stand out the most are as follows:
1. Language Barrier. What?
Many times while traveling one can find that they do not know the common language of the local people or of the area of destination but when traveling in a big group, this worry almost never exists because someone or the other in a group of people is bound to be able to communicate with the locals and there your problem is solved!
2. Division of Labor
Whether you are traveling for a business trip or for a camping/trekking adventure you will often discover that when you travel in a group your nerves will be much more at ease rather than when you travel solo because your work will be divided and there will always be someone checking and giving you reminders. Example, in a trekking group some members set camp, others cook while others light a fire etc. and the work gets done a hell lot faster and more sufficiently and effectively.
3. Safety Solved
Many times with solo traveling, safety can be a big concern. This is not at all a problem when it comes to group trips. They will be ready to protect you and fight for you and no one would dare mess with a big traveling group so you can sleep safely at night without any worrying about your safety.
4. Itinerary Set
There are always those people in a travel group who love planning and organising your itinerary for you. From looking for coupon codes for bus and flight tickets, to booking them, getting the right accommodation and locating all the cool tourist spots, traveling in a group helps you have a set itinerary allowing you to cover many places without missing any important ones while on a tour.
5. Huge Discounts!
We love discounts. Don’t you? Traveling and booking your tickets and hotel rooms as well as transport vehicles in groups can get you huge discounts and cash back. Travel in a group and you can easily split the share of the taxi or auto, a nice room and before you know it you would have saved yourself some significant cash you treat yourself with something nice while on your trip.
6. Support System
Traveling can sometimes give you mild panic attacks or anxiety. Maybe you fall sick or misplace your baggage or god forbid miss a flight! If you are traveling alone you may feel stranded or stuck but traveling in a group can give you an emotional support system. You can borrow clothes, money or medicine when in need and have someone help you out until your head is clear again.
7. Sharing Is Caring
Group travel means you have to pack less! Share your toothpaste, shower gel, comb, hair dryer and much more. You only need one of these things and you can always share hence you end up packing less and easily sharing with your friends. If you ever get hungry you know there will always be that one mom traveler who will be carrying bananas for back up *me*.
8. Photographer At Your Service
This is a huge benefit of traveling in a group. You can easily ask your friends to take your photos instead of relying on strangers and they can do such a good job and you can even ask them for re-takes without feeling embarrassed. Almost everyone has good smart phones or DSLRs and getting those perfect holiday and vacation photos as memories from your best trips in a group is as easy as it gets.
9. Memories To Last A Lifetime
Yes, you may be great friends but only traveling can really allow you to get to know people better. When you are hungry, thirsty, tired or broke or all of the above and your friendship still comes through. These memories from traveling in a group will give you adventures and memories to last you a lifetime and whenever you reunite you will always be recollecting these sweet moments. In group traveling you can even socialise and make completely new friends.
10. Group Games and Singing
This one had to make it on the list. Whenever you are traveling and you feel bored because the journey is too long, what do you do? Maybe read a book or listen to music? What if I told you, you could instead sing the same song in the middle of the trip or around a bonfire, play team games and laugh till you drop! Group traveling offers the luxury of chilling after a hectic day with a comfortable group of people, enjoying a drink, singing songs and just being yourself. We know we love group travels, and we know you love traveling and now that we have told you all these advantages of traveling in a group the only questions which remains is, when are you joining us for our next trip? Send this article to your friends who you want to travel with and start planning. Tell us the locations you wish to visit and who knows yours might be the next place we pick. Are you ready to start your next Travel Affair? Because we know we are!

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