12 day Solo Trip to Wayanad, Kerala

OMG! I am just starting to write this blog and already feeling so overwhelmed and nostalgic. Truly one of the best vacations I have ever had and here, I am going to share all the details of it. Might help you plan out your vacay too to Wayanad.

Little backstory:

Covid has been tough on all of us. It’s no joke that we all were literally caged in our houses for a good amount of months. As soon as I got a chance, I wanted to go out, alone, for a trip to clear my head and get some air (just read it with Ekta Kapoor’s effects). I asked for a week long-off from work, which was proudly denied. (It was in August 2020).

I don’t know what to call it exactly, coincidence or destiny or luck or whatever, my last at work was Sept. 30, and on Oct. 1, my trip started to Wayanad. It was extremely RANDOM!

And yeah, it was a solo trip.

Drive through Nagarhole Forest:

I planned my stay at “Rustic Charm Wayanad” (more details to be followed later in the blog).
Started from Bangalore at 12 pm and reached the entry gate of Nagarhole Forest at 5:45 pm. Just a little info, one is supposed to cross the forest within an hour (as per the rules).
Needless to say, this was the best and most exciting part of the whole journey. I got to witness a LOT of deer and Bison.
Crossed the exit gate at 6 PM. And a few km from there, you reach the Checkpost where currently you have to register because of Covid rules, as you are entering from Karnataka to Kerala.

COVID Guidelines:

These guidelines are changing regularly and it’s suggested to keep checking the government websites. During my visit (October 1, 2020), one needs to register at the check post. No quarantine, test report, or E-pass was asked for.

However, at Rustic Charm, they are following all the necessary things required, like temperature check, deep cleaning of every house after guests check out, proper sanitization, etc.

Welcome to Rustic Charm Wayanad

I reached my temporary home at around 8 PM. It was dark and couldn’t really get to see the beauty around but the moment I woke up the next day, I went Crazy.

Lush Green, the view of Paddy fields, Clouds like cotton candies, forest view from my Room Window, Coffee and pepper trees all around, it was a different world! It was like, the dream vacation I exactly needed that time.

Oh, btw, I posted a series of vlogs also on my Youtube Channel about this trip.
Here is Vlog 1 from the series:

Stay Experience at Rustic Charm Wayanad

Well, that’s one of the most interesting parts of my whole trip. The place of stay matters as much as the location itself.
To start with, there are 6 independent stay options there which include 4 villas, one treehouse, and one capsule.

I chose a 3 BHK villa, all to myself, with 2 huge Kerala style Verandahs and my favorite, the terrace. OMG, I used to spend a lot of time there. How badly I am missing that while writing this.

Wait, that’s not it. After 3 days, I was given an upgrade, to shift to the treehouse. That’s another level of feel. “How much green is too much green”? Oh yeah, Treehouse has some amazing window views.

After spending a few days in the treehouse, I shifted to another 3 BHK villa with forest views. Occasionally I used to see goats roaming around.

Wait, I have written a separate blog about “Rustic Charm Wayanad”
Check it out here.

Things I did:

For me, travel is all about experiences. Wherever I go, I try to know the stories of that place, talk to locals, eat local food, visit places that no one really talks or write about. And guess what, I got to visit such hidden gems too on this trip.

Rustic Charm is exactly located in a village called Appapara and I started by exploring the nearby areas. Here is a list:

  • Appapara Lake
  • Village Walk (Morning and evening)
  • Visited nearby Church
  • Visited Local Temple (15 mins walk from Rustic Charm)
  • Iritty Valley, Kannur District (one hour drive from Rustic Charm)

  • Banasura Dam (currently closed for visitors)
  • Banasura Spice Garden
  • Thirunelli Temple
  • Kaleeswari temple
  • Paddy fields
  • Visited 2 rivers in Appapara which are the tributaries of River Kabini, one is a drive through the forest.

Special Mention

Giri Sir!
He proudly owns Rustic Charm Wayanad and he has beautifully crafted the space which is so close to nature, yet keeping all the facilities intact. He also assisted me multiple times in exploring the areas around and yeah, he is a super guide.

Praveen Bhaiya, his wife- Vijju, and his mom!
All of them are the backbone of Rustic Charm. They take care of guests like family. Aanti used to make such a yummy breakfast for me every day and Vijju took me around the village walk and yes, she knew Chai was my thing and used to make such great tea.
Praveen Bhaiya is a nice man. he is so sweet and accomodating and such a hard-working gentleman. he also took me around the city, a few temples, and rivers.

For 12 days, which is my entire stay duration at Rustic Charm, I felt like home Not kidding.
One day, I told them that I don’t wanna eat dinner and dude, so many calls and messages and eventually, Praveen Bhaiya personally came. These small gestures means a lot at times and makes the whole experience worth.

Cost of my Entire trip

Well, this is the most asked question. my trip was 11 nights and 12 days long.
Cutting it short, I paid 1500 INR per day all-inclusive.
Just to give you the idea, if you are planning to visit with your families or friends, the cost of villas starts from 4k and now they also have a different long stay and workation packages.
Even if you are planning to travel solo, It’s totally recommended and is budget-friendly too.

You can call on 8747880000 to book the property or visit their website: https://www.rusticcharmwayanad.com/

I guess that’s it for this blog. Shared my experience with all the necessary details about the place and the property.
I hope this will help you plan your trip to Wayanad and the long stay.

Covid has made me realize, “Slow” is the new thing. We can’t roam freely around anymore. We have to watch every single step of ours and for travelers like me, it’s not easy. But, at the same time, such long trips will be more sustainable and suitable options.

This was my 1st time that I took such a long trip to a single destination but you know what, I kind of made the right decision. I got to know the place and people gradually, slowly, and grasped every bit of it. There was no rush, no hurry, no such boundation of completing the itinerary. I used to laze around when I wanted, I used to work as per my convenience, read in the forest, walk on the empty roads, just gaze at the tall trees from the terrace, etc. etc.

I hope you like this blog. Do check out my InstagramFacebook, and Youtube for regular updates of my trips and events. Also, don’t forget to share your feedback about this blog in the Comments Section. See you in the next one!

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