14 Days Daily Vlog Challenge

Day #1 | Bangalore Lockdown | A day in my Life

April 28th, 2021
Hello hello beautiful people! I hope you all are doing safe and healthy (and staying at home). I literally wanted to do daily vlogging since long. I tried doing it on my trips but failed. It takes a lot to vlog and edit daily.

So, this time, while there is a complete lockdown in Bangalore, I thought of doing it at home and see how it goes. I love documenting my life and sharing it with you all and connect with you guys. Doing this from past so many years on Instagram and Snapchat now, and trying my hands in this first time on YouTube. I hope you guys will like it and do let me know your thoughts, suggestions and feedback in the comments section.

Day #2 | DIY Wooden Rack | Easy DIY Hacks | Room Makeover

April 29th, 2021
Let me clear how just 180 Rs. for a new Wooden rack. Well, 140 Rs. for half litre of Asian Paints and 40 Rs. for a paint brush.
What’s up guys, this is Heena Raheja, presenting Daily Vlog #2. I totally knew it would be so much fun to document daily life and to be able to share all of that with you. This is a 14 day challenge and it’s going to be fun because I have planned a lot for you guys.
Enjoy the video and I will see you super soon in the next one.

Day #3 | Aesthetic Photoshoot at Home | Lightroom Editing | Budget Room Decor

April 30th, 2021
This vlog took 10 hours of editing! Why? well, that will be shared in tomorrow’s vlog… for now, just now that I am super tired and super satisfied that finally, after so many obstacles, I am able to edit and upload the video with you all.
Day 3/14 ✅
This daily vlogging is not an easy job, I knew it before I even started but hey, I wanted to challenge myself to see what I am capable of, learn new things about vlogging, editing etc. and most importantly, to interact with you all. All I request you guys is, to please keep sharing your feedback and suggestions in the comments box.

Day #4 | Daily Vlogging Challenges | #toughlife

May 1st, 2021
What was I even thinking when I thought of taking this daily vlog challenge! Well, it’s called “challenge” for a reason! Checkout the video and have a great day 🙂

Day #5 | 10 Self Care Ideas | My Sunday Routine | Tips to Relax & De-Stress

May 2nd, 2021
What’sup lovely people, Here’s Episode #5 of Daily Vlog series and this one is by far, my favourite episode till now. Why? -Because I took time out to take care of myself and I feel even more happy to be sharing the tips and ideas with you guys.
Times are tough right now. We all are struggling in our own ways, so in these difficult times, we have to stay mentally and physically strong and here are few ideas in the video that you can also replicate for yourself. Also, how do you guys spend your Sundays? Do let me know in the comments section.

Day #6 | Monday Blues | Birthday Preps | Another Lockdown Birthday

May 3rd, 2021
Kya haal hai? Sharing the Episode 6th of Daily Vlog series. Let me confess here, that the process of daily vlogging is pretty much tiring. But it’s a great learning in so many ways. I will also be sharing that with you all soon. For now, enjoy this vlog and do share your feedback and suggestions in the comments section.

Day #7 | Easy Vegetables to grow for beginners | Grow Capsicum & Tomato | Small Balcony Garden

May 4th, 2021
Hello Hello Beautiful people!
This vlog is about growing Tomato and capsicum from seeds. It’s very easy to grow in small spaces and balcony. Probably the easiest plants to grow for beginners.
Though I am trying this for the very first time but I am hopeful that it will come out well. Let’s see. Keeping the fingers crossed. If you are a gardening enthusiast, do let me know if you have ever tried growing veggies in your balcony?

Day #8 | How I film my Instagram videos | Behind the scenes

May 5th, 2021
What’sup people!
I always wanted to share what goes behind the scenes of making a one minute Instagram Video. There is A LOT! Finally, presenting a raw, uncut version of it. Check it out and do share your feedbacks / suggestions / or whatever in the comments section.

Day #9 | House Tour Preparations | House Deep Cleaning | A day in my life

May 6th, 2021
Episode #9 is here. We have 5 more to go from the daily vlog series. Well, on special demand, I have finally decided to do a quick house tour. basically, to give an idea about what typical apartments in Bangalore looks like.

Or if in future, you plan to shift to Bangalore, what can you expect. For doing a house tour, there is a lot that goes behind, specially the cleaning part. Me and Anurag decided to do it. Rest, check out the video for details. See you tomorrow with the full-fledged house tour video.

Day #10 | House Tour | Apartments in Bangalore | Sobha Dream Acres | Review and Information

May 7th, 2021
Hello Lovely people! On special demand, my house tour video is up. Basically, the idea of posting this video is to share what kind of apartment you can expect to live in Bangalore.
We live in a 2 BHK rented apartment at Sobha Dream Acres, Varthur, which is near Whitefield. It’s a semi luxury apartment, little away from the city. But the amenities here are worth the cost. Check out the complete video to know about the rent, maintenance and other things about our flat. Head to the video directly.

Day #11 | How I record my Podcast | Drunk Heena Podcasts | BTS | Gyaanbazi By Heena

May 8th, 2021
Hello everyone! Here’s sharing another behind the scenes video. It’s about how I record my Podcasts. If you don’t know yet, my podcast is available on all the major platforms under the name- Gyaanbazi by Heena. They are very raw, one take Podcasts.
Also, last 3 vlogs of this “14-day Daily Vlogging Challenge” left.

Day #12 | 5 Netflix Suggestions | Binge-worthy Netflix Series 2021

May 9th, 2021
Hello Everyone,
This is Episode 12th of my Daily Vlog Series. I have share my top 5 favourite Netflix suggestions. To save your time, I also included the trailers of these 5 series.
Check it out:
1. Breaking Bad
2. The Bold Type
3. Jane the Virgin
4. Good Girls
5. Schitt’s Creek
Have you seen any of these? Or all of these? Do tell me in the comments section.

Day #13 | Final Vlog | Daily Vlogging Challenge | Birthday Gift Unboxing

May 10th, 2021
Hello Hello! We have come to an end of this 14 days daily vlogging series. Why am I ending at Vlog #13?
Check out the video to know the details 🙂 Enjoy this one.

Day #14 | 30 things I am grateful for | Birthday Special

Hello everyone!
Finally, we have come to an end of our very 1st daily vlog series. This one is 14th episode, which is also a Birthday Special. I kept on thinking what vlog to make and finally thought of making a list of 30 things I am grateful for. Turning 30 is not a small deal, right? It’s like entering into a new phase of life.
And I am all set! The best part is, I am able to share all of these emotions with you all. Check out the video and tell me what do you think? I will see you guys super soon with the next daily vlog series that will be starting super soon.

I hope you like this blog. Do check out my YoutubeInstagramTwitter and Facebook for regular updates on my trips, events and whatever crazy thing I am upto. Also, don’t forget to share your feedback about this blog in the Comments Section. See you in the next one!

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