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“Luck By Chance” suna to hoga?
Started by chance and taken forward with Heart and Soul, we as part of Travel Affairs working really hard to build a community for those who found their love for travel, by curating trips and bringing strangers under one roof. Post the completion of 12 trips we realized one thing, that it’s really important to connect with people with different backgrounds of life and share their experiences and to fulfil this purpose, we started organizing meetups as regular as possible. Till now we have successfully hosted 3 meetups, and this article will take you through our 3rd meet up which we had at GoStops hostel, Delhi.
The theme for this meetup was- ‘Career in Travel’.
Often we all wish to travel and earn while doing so, but very few of us know about how one can secure a great career in travel. At this meetup, Himanshu Wadia and Susmita Mukherjee unraveled their stories bestowing upon us with several ideas of how one can travel and earn. I am sure you would be eagerly waiting to know what knowledge did our speakers share at the meetup.
So here you go.
A seasoned writer, as she calls herself, Susmita has more than a decade’s experience in the field of journalism. Expressing the written words comes naturally to her. At this meet up she created an aura of positivity. She talked about various careers one can have in the field of travelling, which included, Travel Photography, Travel Writing, Cabin Crew, Hotel Management, Travel Agents, etc. She extended her words talking about responsible travel too. It indeed was one heck of an experience.
Himanshu Wadia
A man with a brilliant smile, Himanshu works as a Delivery Lead (IT Service Management) in a multinational organisation. His sharp brains showed him a way which had lead to unlimited travel. Despite being a part of the corporate world, he manages to travel by hook or by crook. There is hardly any state which hasn’t had Himanshu in it. His agenda of travelling is to cover states district by district. Here at the meetup, he talked about his mesmerizing journey to Kashmir followed by offbeat places of Ladakh. His love with the Zanskar was visible in every word he spoke. The Padum town (Ladakh), Panikhar Hamlet (Kargil), Rangdum (Suru Valley, Kashmir), Drang Drung Glacier (Zanskar Valley), etc. are a few gems he told us about. And yes he did all this being in a demanding job and taught us that its not always the case that you have to leave your well paid professional job to follow your passion, you can actually manage both. Its all about how you manage your work life at same time. Holding this meetup was fruitful when each and everyone who was present there got secured for themselves great motivation. Not only did they learn about some good career prospects in travel but also how to maintain a balance between travel and your job. If you wish to learn things like this and more, join us at our meetups.
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