Who are we

travel affairs

(n.) an incredible, irresistible, contended happy state of mind & heart when you travel. 
We are a team of crazy fun loving people who organises budget trips with random strangers to some beautiful and unexplored destinations across India and planning to go international soon.
As the name suggests, “Travel Affairs provides a platform to unite like-minded people to fulfil their affair with travel by exploring the real zest of travelling…

Purpose of Travel Affairs is to take people out of their comfort zone and give them the feel of travel with complete strangers (it’s an adventure too) and have ever-lasting memories. We provide our travellers with a variety of activities including nature walks, adventure activities, mountain treks, desert safaris, road trip experiences, camping and much more under one umbrella.
“Travel is the essence of finding the real ones hidden within the life’s run” is what we believe and we love to provide you new ways to explore your travel-lust.

Changing the way to travel
We are living in the era where things are changing really fast and new innovative ideas are changing the old outlooks to live a better life, and the fact is we have to adapt that change to pace up with the changing world and our needs, and when you are changing the way how you live, than why not change the way you travel, and also there is a need for it as we cannot always have the companions who are ready to travel or we always not get a plan which work out perfectly.
But yes, there is always a need to travel as it is the best stress buster, so here is what we say our passion is your solution, GROUP TRAVEL where you don’t need a plan as we are the one taking care of it, where you don’t need the companions as new faces like you are waiting there to become your travel companion. You just need to book your pass, pack your bag and check your travel bucket list with the like-minded people from different backgrounds, cultures and experiences of life who are eagerly waiting to share their stories and making new memories.

Most of the time, things that are worth doing are either massively inconvenient, exhausting, terrifying or simply out of your comfort zone.
Does this mean you shouldn’t do them?
Absolutely not!
Step out of your current reality and then take another step.
Believe. Expand. Ride out those chances while you still can & you won’t regret it.

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