Anamika Mishra | #BetterThanEqual

1. Tell people about yourself
Well, I am an author with 3 books in my kitty so far, 4th one lined up for this year. I am also motivational speaker and a blogger who is often on the go to seek inspiration for my books. Travelling keeps me sane and music keeps me going on!

2. What kind of a traveler are you?
Well, I’m travelling since I was a li’l kid as my dad loved travelling. So, every 2 months we had to go on a trip. When I completed my studies and became a writer, I started travelling even more- with family, solo and for work. So, I guess I just love travelling. There isn’t any exact ‘kind’.

3. Looking at your voyage stories people often think it’s quite fancy and easy to pack the bag and start a journey, what are your thoughts on it?
Ahh! Well, I can only say all that glitters in not gold. What people see on social media is just the 40% of the reality. The efforts, the hard work, the sacrifices you make are often left untold.

4. “” Being girl, it’s not safe to travel solo””. What are your thoughts on this?
Not at all! I believe it’s totally safe. I have experienced it myself. May it be in India or even abroad. My first international trip was a solo one. So, it’s all about how you go and what plans you make.

5. How do you fund your travels?
If it’s not a speaking session, literature festival, workshop, or an event where companies or brands are the ones who take care of the expenses, I fund my own travels.

6. What is your greatest personal achievement?
Going solo on my first international trip! I am too scared to go because it’s my first international trip + I was clueless about the paperwork, the itinerary, the food (because I am a vegetarian) there and almost about everything. So, I feel with this trip I was able to overcome my fear.

7. Your message / travel tips to all the women out there on this Women’s’ day?
Plan your trip properly and make good choices, about the hotels, hostels, restaurants, places to visit. Your safety totally depends upon the choices you make!

8. How can people connect with you?
I am active on twitter (@anamikawrites). so ya’ll can connect with me there or Instagram – @anamikawrites. Also, my blog is Subscribe! My email is Just in case 🙂
Team Travel Affairs wishes you a very Happy Women’s Day !

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