Ankita Jaiswal | #BetterThanEqual

1. Tell people about yourself
To begin with, I am a Tour Guide in India, I am a travel blogger and a fashion enthusiast. I make content while I dance on my earphones everywhere I go and write blogs for my audience while I sip Ginger lemon with a good view. I am a happy person who just wants to explore this world, dance and laugh about my own silliness.

2. What kind of a traveler are you?
I am more of a cultural traveler, I enjoy experiencing places like how locals do, eat what locals eat. I love exploring architectures, history behind that and stories that goes around. I like taking long walks by myself in new cities and navigating the old ways without google maps, its strange and funny at the same time. I talk to myself sometimes verbally or sometimes through a diary while travelling just to soak up all the new city vibe in my memory. Travel is so exhilarating, its life changing, its mind-changing. I am just another wanderer in this vast world of travelers.

3. Looking at your voyage stories people often think it’s quite fancy and easy to pack the bag and start a journey, what are your thoughts on it?
It isn’t a cake walk. Planning and then smooth execution, its not that easy. You have to be conscious sometimes about booking things, transport, yourself and surrounding, about not offending anyone’s belief or anything. Researching plays the major part as no trip can be done without framing your schedule day wise (I have an OCD with advance planning and packing). And the major thing is your enthusiasm. That changes the whole game.

4. ”Being girl, it’s not safe to travel solo”. What are your thoughts on this?
That was my first thought when I traveled solo for the first time. It is safe if you are conscious. I make sure I am not out late or drinking with random strangers. If I am travelling solo, I want to soak up the vibe as much as I can, introspect and listen to the waves of the ocean or the whispers of the mountains. I like to be energized for my next day adventures, so I don’t regret on missing the night life of most of the cities. Being a girl, I make a conscious effort of being very straight forward, not being too friendly at the same time I believe i am strong enough to answer for myself.

5. How do you fund your travels?
I save up, quite a lot. I don’t spend too much on shopping and other things, I prefer spending on my diet and travels and that makes me happy. I keep looking for great deals. I am not a luxury traveler, I prefer local experience than comfort, so for me budget hotels are okay. Its a conscious choice of choosing either materialistic world or experiences that uplifts you.

6. What is your greatest personal achievement?
When I convinced myself and my parents before becoming a Tour Guide in India, overcoming that phase and becoming confident in what I do now is my biggest achievement till date.

7. Your message / travel tips to all the women out there on this Women’s’ day?
Just be yourself, don’t let anyone tell you a girl can’t travel alone. Go out and see how beautiful our India is and how magnificent this world is. I don’t compromise on my identity, that’s the way I chose to be and that’s the way how I travel, so be unapologetic and start your Safarnama to the soul!

8. How can people connect with you?
Mails are the most convenient – but I do reply to a lot of queries on Instagram DM- @soulfulsafarnama

Team Travel Affairs wishes you a very Happy Women’s Day !

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