Banjara Market, Gurugram- A hub for Decor Enthusiasts

Banjara Market is a well-known, one-stop-shop destination for decor enthusiasts.

It is run by banjaras (nomadic people) of Rajasthan. This is a Roadside market, located at Sec-56, Gurugram and is not at all fancy but the stuff you will find here is no different than any fancy home furnishing store in Delhi NCR.

I came across this market very recently on Instagram and wanted to visit there since then. And guess what, I visited there yesterday, without money. I forgot my wallet at home and I guess they say it right – “Whatever happens, happens for a reason”.
I would have spent A LOT if I had my wallet. In a way, I saved A LOT.

All the items here are so unique and economical that you would want to buy them all.
They have such a huge collection that you would easily take 2-3 hours to browse through every shop. The products sold here are mostly procured from Jodhpur and Jaipur.

Things you will find here:

  • Antique Showpieces
  • Vintage Candle Stands
  • Huge Sized Vintage Mirrors
  • Rustic Furniture
  • Ceramic Pottery
  • Vibrant Picture Frames
  • Christmas Decor Items- cute little stars, bobs, and bits
  • Wooden & Metal platters, bowls, lamps, fixtures, boxes, etc.
  • Dining Sets
  • Bar Counters
  • Engraved Boxes
  • Wall Hangings
  • Copper, Brass, Aluminium, and Steel items
  • Other quirky stuff


It depends on products of course but you can get things starting from Rs. 50 till Rs. 25000.


Address: IILM Institute, Sector 56, Near HP Petrol Pump, Gurugram, Haryana 122003
Nearest Metro Station: Sector 56, Rapid Metro
(Either take a rickshaw/auto from here or it’s 5 mins walk from here)
Timings: 9 am – 8 pm

Below is the direction map:

Who should visit here?

  • Someone who just got a new house.
  • Or someone who wish to redecorate their old house.
  • Hostel, hotels, restaurant and cafe owners who wish to give an old and rustic look to their properties.
  • Youtubers, to give an all-new look to their studios in the budget.
  • Food Stylists
  • Those who are into DIY & art and craft.
  • Basically, everyone who wishes to purchases decor stuff at economical prices.

You can also get a few of the products customized and painted according to your requirements.

Pro Tips:

  • Avoid going on a weekend as it’s a little crowded that time
  • Bargain!
  • It will take a minimum of 2 hours to explore the market in detail. Don’t rush in purchasing anything. Explore well, then purchase.
  • Double-check the product before you buy it. Especially furniture. There might be a dent or some other damage. In case you find any, the shopkeeper will repair it.

You can get a lot of Instagram and Pinterest worthy products from here and use them for styling.

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I am sure after watching the pictures, you must be feeling that sudden urge to visit Banjara Market and shop something.
Whenever you go, don’t forget to share whatever you have purchased.

Happy Shopping at Banjara Market!

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