Chandigarh Meetup – Understanding Dimensions of Travel

After our 1st meetup at Zostel Delhi, we thought of going to The City Beautiful.
Yes, Chandigarh Meetup was on the cards. Chandigarh being my favourite city, was always on the list to conduct such travel meetup.

As you guys know that we keep on organising group trips almost every month but it’s not always possible for people to join the trips. Keeping that in mind, we started organising meetups so that the like-minded can share the space for atleast few hours and discuss their stories and experiences.

Venue for Meetup – SpaceJam
SpaceJam is the coworking space in Chandigarh. SpaceJam provides you with a shared office space that allows you to co-work with like-minded creative individuals and transform your ideas in to tangible products! With high-speed business Internet, world-class meeting room, ergonomic seating, optimum work-lighting and the best location in Chandigarh, SpaceJam is the go to coworking space in the Tricity!

Let me introduce you to the speakers who shared some really important insights from their experiences:

1. Ishita
Ishita is a Law Student with BA Honors in English from Panjab University. She is a biker, a yoga enthusiast, marathoner, photographer, artist and traveler. Ishita is a spoken word poet and blogs her write-ups on her personal Instagram handle Vodkaverses while she shares her travel adventures on her Instagram handle musafir.parinda as well as her YouTube channel which goes by the same name. Being a human rights activist, Ishita is Founder and President of the NGO SWAG Strong Women and Girls and recipient of National and International awards including Pramerica Spirit of Community Awards and Asian Girls Human Rights Award.

Ishita started her travel journey in 2016 and being a mountain child she loves trekking. During her travels she goes for boho shopping and discovering new and unknown places.

She shared her views on solo girl travelling, how travel can be managed during student life and how she has convinced her parents to let her travel. You can follow her profile on Instagram to stay updated about every interesting thing she keeps on doing everyday.
2. Neeraj Gambhir
Neeraj is a CA by profession, working in Gurgaon. He loves to write, travel and explore new culture & places and want to be a full time traveller and writer. He has fallen into a serious affair with travel and is a part of Travel Affairs from past 10 trips. He consider travel like a meditation to him and believe that travel has brought a lot of positive changes in his life which he feels like sharing with others to understand a better purpose of travelling.

He shared his views on how travel can bring out the positive changes in you. Follow him on Instagram to know more about his travel stories.
3. Arun Ralhan
He is working as an Admin Officer in an Insurance company. Born and brought up in Bhiwani, a small town in Haryana. His story of life is very tragic. He met with a major accident few years before and his life took a pause. Any person will lose his faith in himself and the world in such situation. But Arun survived in that negative phase. Not only this, he started travelling after his medical condition got better. Now he is an avid traveler, also started doing photography. He is such a positive soul who motivates and inspires people around.

In the meetup, he shared his story with everyone. Also, you can connect with him on Instagram.

Live music by Sandy
After the talks there was a lovely live music session by Sandeep Kunath aka Sandy. He is a vocalist at Shankh the Band, based in Chandigarh. Sandy definitely has a magical voice and for few moments, we all were lost in our own worlds. You can follow him on Instagram to stay updated about his live shows.
Stay On Skill Introduction by Arjun
As their name suggests, Stay on Skill can help you in getting free stay and food while traveling if you have some sort of skill. They will connect you to the host in a particular city (say, Goa, Kolkata, etc.), where you can go, teach your skill and avail free stay and food. Isn’t that cool? How beautifully they have created a platform for skilled people wherein they get this chance of showcasing and teaching their talent and for ones who wish to learn something new.

I myself have travelled twice with them to Amritsar and Tirthan. It was altogether a different experience. You can checkout their Website and Instagram to know more about them.

Rest, there were stories and lots of stories !
Chandigarh Meetup was a success and we really hope people got to understand the different aspects related to travel. Also, kudos to team SpaceJam, the speakers and people who sacrificed their Sunday afternoon for this meetup.

Zostel Meetup – Checked
Chandigarh Meetup – Checked
Already waiting for the next.
Stay Tuned.

Hashtag Khushi ke Aansu !

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