Chote Chote Steps towards Bade Bade Dreams

This picture is from Pangong Lake, Ladakh (August 2016)

Chote Chote Steps Towards Bade Bade Dreams!
I started writing this series long back, not once but twice, on Instagram. But left in-between. Now, this is a promise to me, that I will write it here on my blog and will not break the continuity and will try my best to share the complete story with you all.

I can’t believe I am writing this.
Well, this is one blog where I will be extremely honest. Oh, that doesn’t mean I am dishonest in my other blogs but here, you will see me (I mean read me) talking anything and everything. “Chote Chote Steps Towards Bade Bade Dreams” is about my life. How it used to be and how it is now. Here, I will be sharing about my life after college. How it transformed after I started traveling, and how it changed me as a person.
This is an ongoing story. I mean, currently, I am living some chapter of my own story and obviously, there is no end to it.

Why am I writing this here?
– Well because I totally believe a lot of you would be able to relate to it at some point. Hum sab alag alag hai, hamari kahaani bhi alag alag hai lekin kaafi cheeze common hai.. Jaise ki typical Indian parents, ya fir family drama, ya fir aise dost jo saath hokar bhi anjaan hai aur aise anjaan log, jo door hokar bhi apne see lagte hai.

Jyada ho gaya kya?

Arre abhi to just shuruwaat hai.

BIG time request:
If you are reading this and at any given point tumko kuch bhi relatable lage, to please comment mein zaroor batana.. ya fir mujhe Instagram pe DM kar dena (@hina_raheja)

Ye wala post ek generalized post hai, just to tell you ki aage kya hone wala hai. Actually, mujhe khud ni pata. But one thing, I will be super honest in whatever I share here.

I have always been a daydreamer. I mean, I remember when I was a kid, I used to think and think a lot about so many things and there was my dream world. Like for example, I remember exactly, when I was in class 12, I wanted to get into SRCC (Shri Ram College of Commerce) but I knew I won’t make it so, while going to school, in my school bus, I used to dream about my future life. Like I got admission in SRCC, living the best of college life, etc. etc. etc.

Alag hi duniya thi wo. I used to be a very shy and introvert kid. So, I really had no one with whom I could share my thoughts or feelings. All I had was “me and my imaginary world”.

And there are a lot more such instances that I will be sharing over time.
For now, I will be sharing my story in parts.
I just hope you all will like it and support it.

Changa fir. Padho aur batana kaisa laga.

With Chandan. I met him at Banlekhi (June 2019)

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