Dance to the Punjabi tunes following these accounts on Helo App

Music is known as one of the greatest escapes, no matter what a person may be feeling. The tunes, beats, and rhythm can make anyone’s mood, depending upon the sort of music they are listening to. Then there is a type of music that simply makes you want to dance to the peppy beats. And when talking about foot-tapping dance, owing to the drum beats and lively lyrics, Punjabi music is the one that sets anyone’s mood to dance. And it is a well-known fact that there is no substitute for this genre of music. Wondering how to keep yourself updated with the latest Punjabi songs and music? There are a number of accounts on Helo that share the best of Punjabi music online with fellow users. One can simply use the Helo app to keep themselves updated with the same.

Here are a few selected accounts you may follow to keep yourself updated on the Punjabi Music front:

1. Helo ਮਿਊਜ਼ਿਕ:

With over 11k followers, this account shares exclusive Punjabi number updates about new and upcoming songs on Helo. The plus point is that this Helo account uses Punjabi as the mode of its writings, so there is no worry about losing the originality of thoughts and the essence of Punjabi. The Helo ਮਿਊਜ਼ਿਕ or Helo Music handle further speaks of latest live concerts, gossip and inside videos of different Punjabi music stars, be it behind the screens or rehearsals.

2. Punjabi_music_song:

Another well-known account from Helo India that offers its 8.6 k followers with different Punjabi songs is The Punjabi_music_song. It shares trending music videos, songs, statuses, and much more, straight from the renowned singers and artists. You can follow this account to get the most of the latest releases.

3. Mg Star:

This is one of the rising accounts on Helo that is gaining reputation and fame for its trendy updates on different Punjabi songs, statuses and music videos the handle shares. It has a following of over 1.1 k, which is growing manifold with passing time and users get the best of statuses from this latest Helo account.

4. Status lovers:

Not exclusively a music page or related to Punjabi music in reality, but this handle offers different trending statuses, ranging from dialogues, trailers to music videos that people love. The following of over 10.9k is a testimony to  the same. This account usually shares statuses based on Punjabi music, earning a stand in this article.

5. ★彡 rk sadhuwali 彡★:

This is one of its kind handle, offering Punjabi songs and videos as WhatsApp statuses. Over 5.9k users regularly get entertained of how this account delivers the best of Punjabi music and videos for WhatsApp.

These are a few of the accounts from Helo India that offer users with entertaining and peppy music content in the Punjabi music genre. There is much more to explore and keep yourself hooked to the Helo App all day. Enjoy and happy surfing.

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