Death Valley, Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary aka Bhardwaj Lake, Faridabad

I wonder how I never heard of this place before, even after living in Faridabad for a good 8 years. The place is called Death Valley (as named by people over time), originally named as Bhardwaj Lake by the government.
Located in Surajkund (Faridabad), there is a valley where some illegal mining operations occurred till 1991 and now it’s apparently is a collection of seven abandoned mines. These mines, later on, got filled with natural crystal green water.

The place is uninhabited and far from civilization. You will find a few localites grazing their cattle though. It lies in the vicinity of Aravali hills. If you get lucky, then you can also get a chance of seeing some endemic bird species and wildlife animals like deerhyenablue bulls, vultures, Indian sliverbill, Jungle babbler, and Peacocks.
This area is privately owned (haha really, someone owns death valley and SEVEN lakes), maybe that’s why it’s not yet popular and developed.

Why it is called “Death Valley”?

Or “Khooni Jheel”, as some locals call it. Few people also consider this place as “a curse”.
Many people have lost their lives while swimming. It is believed that this place demands three human sacrifices every year. Don’t know how true is that. The place has been closed down for tourists multiple times.

Ok I don’t mean to scare you all but one of a friend shared a story about this lake.

There was this group of friends who visited there and one of the group member drowned. When the divers went underneath to take out the body, they came empty handed and asked which body belongs to them, as in, there were so many dead bodies.


(I don’t know how true is this story, but it’s scary)

Massive Monkey Tree:

You will find a huge tree on the way. Known as monkey tree, though we didn’t see any monkey on it. It certainly looks like a tree from age-old Bollywood movies with some ghost stories attached to them.

The route is good for cycling & biking. If you are a rider and loves being in nature & off-roading, this is the place for you.

How to reach?

Walk down for 2 kilometers opposite from Manav Rachna University, Faridabad
Distance: 2 km (30-40 mins)

Please note that it’s not a trek, it’s a simple walk. You might have to climb boulders once or twice but again, it will be an easy one. 

P.S. Download the map before. You won’t find anyone to guide you and also, that’s a no network zone.

Here is the directions map:

Things to keep in mind if you are visiting the Death Valley:

  • Visit during the daytime and come back before it gets dark.
  • ALWAYS go in a group (of 4 or more).
  • Do not carry any valuables along.
  • Carry your water and food. There is no shop nearby.
  • Wear full length and full sleeves clothes (to avoid thorny bushes and small insects)
  • You will find a lot of monkeys on the lake. Avoid feeding them. (Else you will have to feed a family of 30)
  • DO NOT SWIM. (No, you don’t have to be a stud to prove that you are not scared. It might be your last swim)
  • Avoid coming in the eyes of locals. They are not really welcoming. (But, in our case, a local guy helped us find out the way in exchange for money). But you never know. Be Safe.
  • You can carry pepper spray or something, just in case.
  • Do not litter. Carry a small backpack and take back your trash.
  • Download Google Maps.
  • Carry a basic first aid kit.

Before visiting Bhardwaj Lake, I checked out a few articles about this place and honestly, I was a little skeptical and scared about visiting there. but we were going in a group of 25 and I didn’t carry any valuable (except my phone and 1500 Rs.) and followed all other instructions I read online, I thought of taking a chance.

FYI, Robbery is pretty common practice here and has been reported multiple times. That’s why it’s suggested to go in a group (if you have to) and do not carry any valuables.

Honestly, I loved the charm of this place. It’s just so serene, like, in Delhi NCR, you just can’t find such a place. I just wish this place would be a little safer. It’s definitely a must experience once kind of a place if you live in Delhi NCR (but, at your own risk).

Experience curated by: Chindi Safar
Pictures Courtesy: Arnav Kashyap

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  1. Well, that story of dead bodies gave me chills.
    Moreover, your description of this place has made it sound like those 80s/90s Hollywood blood-gore movies where a group of friends visits some isolated village, jungle, etc., and get trapped and everyone dies one by one.

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