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Ek hota hai ” solo travel”, then “travel with friends”, then there is “travel with strangers” and then comes “travel with Stay on Skill“.

If you are someone who believes in experiential travel and also, you have some skill (like anything, music, painting, dancing, vlogging, photography, etc.), then this blog is for you.

Just to give you the background, Stay on Skill provides the opportunity to travel for free in exchange for your skill. You can read more about them here: Website, Instagram


24th April (morning)
Randomly scrolling through Instagram, checked the post by Stay on Skill about the people going to SOS Meetup at Dharamkot and Palampur. I was thinking to myself how badly I always wanted to visit both the places. Just after an hour, got the message from team SOS –

“Chalna hai meetup pe”?
** Chalo, kara do ticket book **

I was a wildcard entry and it definitely felt great and I was hell excited to be traveling with my favorite travel community. More than the trip, I was also very excited to meet the creators on board. It a different mix of people every time.

Btw, I have attended 2 meetups with Stay on Skill in the past – Amritsar and Tirthan Valley

Checkout my Stay on Skill Amritsar experience here.

25th April (evening):

Boarded the bus from “majnu ka tila, jesus ki photo ke neeche”, with 6 other people. Not to miss, Karan, a food photographer from Lucknow who boarded the bus along with me… Something very tragic happened to him. We both were waiting for the bus and he was randomly checking maps on his phone. Out of nowhere, 2 guys came from behind and took his phone away.

You can check the full details here in this video:

P.S. NEVER EVER USE YOUR PHONE WHILE BOARDING THE BUS FROM MAJNU KA TILA, DELHI. (for that matter, not at any public place in Delhi)

11 people
2 different places
and some crazy experiences
Not to miss, lots and lots of content…

We started by exploring Dharamkot. Our place of stay was – The Bunker hostel. We stayed at the dorms. It was quite fun. Especially the “Aa Behan Chugli Kare” sessions at night. Not to miss, Ashish (co-founder and our host at The Bunker), is really a sweet guy and helped me a lot during the trek.

You can check out the details about Bunker Hostel here.

On day 1, we visited this “no name waterfall”. Its a trek for 2-3 hours from The Bunker hostel and the trail is pretty much adventurous. And on that trek, we declared “#kalesh” as the hashtag of the trip. I mean, it was actually a kalesh to trek on that trail.
After coming back to the hostel, the musical night was planned at the rooftop cafe at the hostel.
Oh hold on, there was something in between – A choreography session by Anika aka curiousberi. Words won’t justify the level of energy she put into the dance. Totally crazy… Though we all were tired enough after the trek, the dance session was an energizer.

And followed by the beautiful and soothing songs by Pankaj. And some poetry too.

Day 2 & 3

  • We did multiple things in these 2 days:
  • Went out to explore Mcleodganj
  • Cafe hopping at Dharamkot
  • Walked till Church
  • Danced in Jungle
  • Relaxed at hostel
  • Tried tibetan food
  • Trekked to flagpoint
  • Bonfire, music and gossips!

Day 4

Ok tell me honestly, have you ever done bar-be-que for breakfast?
Well, we did, at Bunkers.
Not to miss, we thought of making this SOS BTS (behind the scenes) Instagram account. You got to follow that for some real insights 😉 😉

And it was our last day of the trip. The plan was to explore GHAS and Tea Factory at Palampur

We boarded the bus from Mcleodganj to Palampur. And I believe this was the most epic and fun part of the trip. Why?
Because we literally made the whole bus dance. Our dear Anika, who is always high in energy, started her choreography lessons in the bus itself.
You got to check out the videos to know the feels of it.

Later, we went to GHAS and that was again a great experience.
Ice tea, straight from the tea gardens, ATV rides, Archery, Paintball, and some really tasty food.

You can check out all the details about GHAS here

Then we went to the Himalayan Brew tea factory. The manager there explained the whole process of making tea. It was interesting and “good to know” information. Mr. Mayur Sud, Owner at GHAS made sure that everything was perfect. 10/10 for hospitality and red chili chutney.

I personally like trips which are experiential and this was one of those. The place, the people, the hosts, everything was just perfect.
On the same day, we took the bus back to Delhi. And that’s all about Dharamkot & Palampur meetup with Stay On Skill.
Already looking for many more such trips with them.
Inshallah! (Arjun, padh rahe ho na tum??)

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The crazy #sostribe who travelled together to Dharamkot:

Heena (aka me): Travel Blogger and Instagrammer
Karan: A food photographer
Anika: Choreographer and Tarot Card Reader
Niharika: Travel Blogger & Vlogger
Pankaj: Guitarist and singer
Arnav: Travel Blogger
Priyanka: Youtuber
Shivangi: Instagrammer, Travel Vlogger
Dimple: Instagrammer
Sarthak: Cinematographer
Chinar: Team SOS
Arjun: Founder SOS

I also did one solo trip with Stay On Skill to Goa and read about that experience here.

Last, but not the least, we recreated the famous Hum Saath Saath Hai Roadtrip video. Do check it out:

Oh! We all were just trying to pose for Forbes Magazine cover. Social Media Influenzaa’s you see.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Do check out my Instagram and Facebook page for more insights about my travel stories.

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