Do you wish to quit job and travel full time ?

I can’t believe I am writing this. I mean someone who has quit the job and is into travelling is going to give you all the gyaan on “you need not to quit job and travel the world”

This blog is completely based on sacchi ghatnaaye (real experiences). It has no relation with “kalpanik duniya”

Flashback : Dec. 2014
I started working in an MNC in Gurgaon and I started travelling simultaneously. Before that, trust me I had no clue about the “T” of travel and Instagram, what is instagram ?
Far away from social media ki fancy duniya, I was a little girl who just realised that ok yes, travel is also a part of this beautiful world. (It was more of an escape that time). Thought of doing it more often.
Not to miss, the struggle you have to go through to make your parents understand that it’s ok to travel solo or with strangers. But that’s a different topic altogether. Let’s not get into that.

Starting saving a portion of my salary for small weekend trips I could manage with the job.

Let me tell you a fact – I never liked the job I was doing. Travel was atleast helping me breaking the monotony. Slowly and gradually, it became the motivation.
It’s like, you don’t get everything in life.. There is always a cost you have to pay to achieve something.. etc. etc.
Keeping such statements in mind, I made peace with my job and started travelling regularly.

Flashback: May 2016
I shifted to Chandigarh, was working full time and travelling more frequently and in March 2017, By chance, travel affairs happened in life.
Would you trust me when I say, I always wanted to do a job, to prove myself, to dress in formals, give presentations, and all lead a team sometime. I was able to achieve all of this in my Chandigarh wali job but life had different plans. I started liking my entrepreneurship journey more than job so thought of quitting the job.
I chose something which involves a lot of travel. And after travelling a lot, i realized few things.

Ab Dhyaan se suno.. I mean padho:

Free travel is a myth.

Nothing in the world like that exists. Trips can be sponsored but then you have to deliver something in return.

Social Media is an illusionary world.

I am sure you must have been following so many great travel bloggers on instagram. These people are the real reasons we have this “chull” of leaving jobs and travel. but reality is – all these people are involved in some or the other freelancing jobs. They all are “Digital Nomads”

Travelling full time is not sustainable.

Yes my dear! There will come a time when you will feel tired. Any would want to be lazy in your pyajamas. You would want a stable income. You would like to spend time with your family. You would need money. You would want to enjoy with friends etc. etc.

Life in mountains is NOT EASY

It’s not as fancy as it looks in pictures. One might need to trek for 2 kms to get a bottle of water or a packet of milk. Need i say more?

Neither on beaches

You might not need to trek to get water but you definitely need to jugaadofy money for food or booze.

Or do you wish to shift to deserts ?

Temperature in Jaisalmer goes upto 50 degrees in summers. Same goes with Egypt, Dubai, Chile, Namibia, Brazil & Poland. Just saying.
See, i am not at all against travel but for that, do you literally wish to quit your job ? There are ways you can manage job and travel together.

Click here to learn how:

“”mool mantra to satisfy your wanderlust soul and work””

Or else, you can watch out this video too !

Now, here is something which just can’t go un-mentioned –

Stay on Skill

Life is tough! I understand. We all secretly wish to just leave our office cubicles and shift to mountains, but it’s practically not possible. Also, travel involves cost. How about you get to travel for free in exchange of your skills? Yes, you heard it right. Stay on skill is making this dream a reality. I have traveled with them twice and it has been an amazing experience with Arjun and team. Apart from sponsored trips, you can also host some skilled person at your place. For better understanding, please check out their Instagram & Website.

Moral of the story:
Learn that “BALANCE“. Nothing great as fulfilling your passion and hobbies along with your profession. I am not saying quitting job and travelling full time is impossible. We have real life examples in India.
Shivya Nath, Abhinav Chandel, Neeraj Narayan, Tanya Khanijow, Lakshmi Sharath, Neelima Vallangi etc. to name a few. (not to miss, they all are also working as freelancers)
You might be unhappy with your job and fancy instagram posts by travel bloggers might be making your life tougher but understand, there is a story behind every post. I have seen my traveler friends sleeping on railway stations, bus stops and at 5 stars. Everyday is a different day. Traveler’s life is full of uncertainty.

*Disclaimer again*
Quitting job and traveling full time is subject to market risk, Please analyse the pros and cons carefully before resigning !

Here ends the random unwanted gyaan !
Cheers 🙂


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