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Travel Affairs started by (chance) and eventually came up as a space for strangers where they are free to do what they wish. Like travel on their own terms. To take a person out of his / her comfort zone was the ((challenge)) idea for which we started working and organizing trips. After successful completion of 11 trips, we have realized a lot of things. The major one is – It’s difficult for people to trust. I mean, it’s obvious and not so easy to just step out with strangers.
After trips, we thought of organizing a meetup this time, a small one. Idea was again, to meet strangers, talk to them and exchange thoughts . We organised a meetup at Zostel Delhi. And the theme was – Responsible & Sustainable Travel.

#itavelgreen with Zostel
All of you must have heard about Zostel. They are the biggest chain of hostels in India. Recently they came up with #itravelgreen campaign. They want travelers to know how their actions can seriously affect the eco-system and impart knowledge about eco-friendly practices amongst travelers as well as hostel owners.  Don’t you think they came up with something which is really really required and interesting.
You can also be a part of their campaign. Fill up the form here –
Let’s go Green

Hold on! Did I tell you that team Zostel is amazing, kind, extremely supportive and encouraging. Yes they served us Roohafza and pakora’s too ?

Let me introduce you to the speakers who shared some really important insights from their experiences:

1. Richa Ingle Deo
Ex-Naval Officer who is now a full time blogger. She will tell you what it’s really like to travel with children with her tested tips and tricks to help you plan your next destination. She talked about Eco travel in the meet. You can also check her Website and Instagram to get to know more about Richa.
2. Tushar Garg
He is an architect by profession and a photographer by passion. His photographers simply portray the amount of patience & hard work he has put into them. Each of his click is a masterpiece. In the meetup also, he shared some of his pro tips. You can checkout his Instagram to get to know more about him.
3. Arun Ralhan
He is working as an Admin Officer in an Insurance company. Born and brought up in Bhiwani, a small town in Haryana. His story of life is very tragic. He met with a major accident few years before and his life took a pause. Any person will lose his faith in himself and the world in such situation. But Arun survived in that negative phase. Not only this, he started travelling after his medical condition got better. Now he is an avid traveler, also started doing photography. He is such a positive soul who motivates and inspires people around. In the meetup, he shared his story with everyone. Also, you can connect with him on Instagram.

After that, there was an inspiring presentation by team Zostel. Also, we all took a pleadge. Apart from the speakers, the audience took an active participation and came up with some interesting ideas to save environment.
You can also checkout the meetup’s teaser video here:

Please try to be a traveler, not a tourist. Try new things, meet new people, and look beyond what’s right in front of you. Those are the keys to understanding this amazing world we live in. When you travel, remember that a foreign land is not designed to make you comfortable, it is designed to make it’s own people comfortable.

Respect that.
Take care of that new place.
Be responsible.

Photography by: Nishant Arora
Videography by: Rijul Sehgal

Event was a success and we really hope people incorporate the eco-friendly practices discussed during the session. Again, kudos to team Zostel, the speakers and people who sacrificed their Sunday afternoon for this meetup.
Hashtag Khushi ke Aansu !


    1. Hey Shubham, you are right. Such meetups are great platform to meet like minded people. And no worries, we will be conducting meetups every month now onwards. Join next one.
      Cheers 🙂

  1. What should a senior person should do to go to remort places….how he should prepare if he is 60+…

  2. This travel affairs is the best example of living your dreams and make it real.and I am so happy with this initiative of travel green. It create awareness about how one should travel and they should leave behind good memories not there leftovers garbage….

  3. Basically I am from South India and not that much developed culture on my background few years before I have inspired on travelling and backpacking culture few months ago I get to know about Traveller affair,. From that point I get know how to manage my passion and profession… Great working,. I’m very eager to meet everyone on travel affairs,….. As soon as possible… Keep exploring ??

    1. This feels so good Lokesh that you are following our stories. It’s difficult to manage passion and profession but not impossible.
      And Team Travel Affairs is equally eager to see you sometime on a trip.
      Keep travelling 🙂

  4. Hashtag kamaal kardiya ji Aapne.. it looks like you guys had a super super amazing time . Keep up the great work and keep rocking team travel affairs. You guys are doing a great job and building a wonderful and lovely community.

    1. Yes Arjun, the meetup went really well. And thank you so much for your kind words. And yes, next meetup is in Chandigarh. See you there 🙂

  5. This travel affairs is the best example of living your dreams and make it real.and I am so happy with this initiative of travel green. It create awareness about how one should travel and they should leave behind good memories not there leftovers garbage

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