What Heena & Neeraj have to say!

b’coz we have an only affair,
Travel Affairs !

Meet the girl!
I am Heena Raheja, from Bhiwani (a small town in Haryana) . Did my schooling from there and shifted to Faridabad for further studies, then job in Gurgaon for 1.5 years followed by one more corporate job in Chandigarh.
Everything was going smooth (according to basic Indian societal norms) but there was always an awkward two hour gap at around 2 am when nothing was really happening and i used to think, rather overthink, about things ranging from – Why am I doing this job to the existence of universe; practical to not-so-practical; passion & profession, what if i was born as a duck etc. etc.

One fine day, after getting highly inspired from Bollywood hit “Yeh jawaani hai deewani”, i decided to at-least go for a trip.. planning & a lot of planning.. but then your friends ditch you at last moment. But i had to travel.
Fortunately I found a travel group on Facebook & decided to join them on their Jaisalmer trip (Dec 2015) And, well, the rest is history… but also a huge part of mystery. I almost travelled to 30 odd places after that in different parts of Himachal, Rajasthan, Kashmir & Uttarakhand.

When I first started travelling I had absolutely no idea how much that little time-killing project would change my life. I don’t use the word “life-changing” lightly but there is no better way to describe this.
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And Neeraj says:

I am Neeraj Gambhir from Faridabad ( Haryana ).
I did my schooling and Higher education from Faridabad and Delhi, a Chartered Accountant by Profession and currently placed I Gurgaon.
So, many of us want to do what we love, but ends up on loving what we do. But in my case I could not develop that feeling, though I try to put all my efforts in what I do, but there was always a feeling in the mid time after the office gets over, that something is missing, what need to be done in between the time I am free. Being in India we always use to do whatever our parents want us to do, so that we can have a secure future. First they want us to have a good education followed by a good job which might have a fancy office and good salary but not that happiness ( atleast for me) of following the passion hidden somewhere inside and giving you a push of doing something different which you can say is “what I am doing it for me.”
Being a person who can be easily carried over with emotions, a movie lover and a day dreamer, I could not get over the dialogue
“ mein udna chahta hu, bhagna chahta hu, girna bhi chahta hu, par rukna nhi chahta”
and just carried away with the plan of travel as much as I can. But how it is possible because either I don’t have the plans or I don’t have people who thinks the same way, then what to do? As so many other thoughts and feelings it also got sunk in winning the life’s run.
But then comes the majestic move by a very good 8 years of old enemy Heena Raheja who was equally passionate about travelling but more than me she found a path to follow it too, we were not much in touch that time but whenever I had a word with her it was traveling which we discussed, and one fine day while I was stuck in my work and again day dreaming about I can do something else instead of scrolling down the excel sheets here, and I literally wanted to run out of the office building and get lost in mountains as I always dreamt about, I got a call from Heena and the first thing she said is I am planning Travel Affair’s trip to Prashar, chalega tu ?

I was like, one second ! what is this “Travel Affairs” and where the hell is this Prashar lake which sounded to me like a place somewhere in Rajasthan or some other boring state of India, why are you taking a trip to this strange place. And then she explained me the whole concept how she started a new venture (or her dream i should say) called “Travel Affairs” and also about Prashar lake and I was like, Heena are you serious this is the plan I was dying to execute and you are doing it, yes I was happy and shocked at the same time and had no idea of how to react.

She somehow convinced me to travel with her to Prashar Lake and the first thing I asked her when I boarded the bus is I want my name in the next itinerary and she was kind enough to say that you need to earn it, show me what you can do and where you can fit in.
And believe me I don’t know how and what I did which made her realize that yes we can do it together, it’s the seventh trip we just did to Pushkar (March 2018) and there is looking back now. Travelling is a peaceful feeling and Travel Affairs is a Passion now!

I am happy !

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