How to enjoy your own Wedding?

Well, well, well, after writing so many travel blogs, i would like to take this opportunity to write something about wedding.

Something, not really related to my blog niche but life ! I mean, it’s all based on personal experience. Also, you will get married some or the other day. I am sure it will be a good info.

1. Stop over thinking

Kya hoga, kaise hoga, etc. etc. are all useless thoughts. I mean, jo hona hai, wahi hoga.. A wedding is a phase of life, like, school, college, job.

2. Know that you look good.

Pre-bridals are shit and they won’t make you a “hoor ki pari” in few fancy facials. Just know that you are beautiful. Also, make sure you don’t end up using so many creams and chemicals on your face. Try natural ingredients rather.
A quick tip: Haldi + besan + curd works the best for glow

3. Stop thinking “लोग क्या कहेंगे”

Yessss. This is the mantra. People will stop you from doing lots of things or commenting on whatever you do.
For eg., I was asked to stop traveling. Guess what, I went to Goa for a week, solo, just 20 days before my wedding. I mean, I was not ready to give up my trip because of fear of tanning.

4. Enjoy the Stardom

A wedding is only one event in life when you are treated like a celebrity. You know what, feel like a celebrity and don’t hesitate to give orders like one.

5. Pamper yourself

Allow your sisters, bridesmaids, the family, the relatives, dear future husband/wife to pamper you.

6. DO NOT Panic

Don’t panic over small big things.. Shadi mein thoda bahot uper neeche hota hi hai. Remember, there is always some jugaad..
Example: My husband forgot to carry his footwear for the wedding day. He was happy about the fact that there will be no Jutta chupai and no money to be given to the saali’s. Anyway, he borrowed some cousin’s shoes. (based on sacchi ghanta)

7. BYOB (Be your own boss)

Wear whatever you want. DON’T think if someone would like that attire or not. Don’t even worry about your husband

8. Dance, dance, and dance

(On my wedding, I didn’t stop, trust me. I legit danced on the chair.)

9. Delegate work

You see, you are the most important person for at least a month during your wedding day

10. Eat, without guilt

Yes, eat during the functions. As in, it’s a moment of anxiety but this should not stop you from having food.

11. Capture moments

Get a lot of pictures clicked. Trust me, when you will see your wedding pictures in the future, you will miss the fun and you will think – “wish the day come back and I will have more fun”. Also, you pay a hell lot of money to a wedding photographer. There is no harm to utilize it to the fullest.

You know what, just after my wedding got over, our photographer complimented me – “aap bahot sahi bride ho, so camera friendly, hamara kaai effort save ho gaya”

12. Be Yourself

Don’t be or act like a typical Indian shy bride. Be what you are..

The last point, you will have to gather for stories and memories for your grandkids, so keep all the above points in mind.

Be a Swagger bride!

Oh, I wrote this keeping in mind my wedding stories and from a bride’s perspective. But I believe, these points are more or less similar for grooms as well.

Be a Swagger groom!



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