How to increase stamina for trekking ?

Raise your hand if you felt like going for trekking after watching a movie like
Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani.
But let me tell you guys some insights, real life scenario about behind the scenes of a real trek. For a week long trek, you need to build and increase your stamina, to prepare your body for what it is about to face before starting a trek like that. The thing with a long trek is that at the end of the day you do not get to fully rest and relax, your body is supposed to be prepared to do it all again the next day and then the day after that. To be able to fully enjoy your trekking experience and not fall sick or get injured in the process, one should plan and prepare to increase their stamina for trekking over a long period of time, the duration of which will vary depending on their own current physical form and fitness. A person who is very active and physically active may need less preparation than someone who is less active.  

Ways To Increase Your Stamina For Trekking:

1. Start with small daily hikes.
Hiking is a great way to begin. A small one hour hike in the foresty trail or off the tarmac should prepare your body for what it is about to encounter. Try switching your hiking routes as you progress with increasing your duration. Take your hikes slowly from one hour to three hours without resting. Be sure to keep your body fully hydrated during your hikes and give yourself a good night’s rest while you are training and increasing your stamina for trekking.
2. Work on your timing.
Have two goals in mind while preparing for your trek. Distance and time. Some days try covering longer and difficult distances at a slower pace, other days cover shorter distances while timing yourself and try to get there fastest. If you are planning to trek in a group, you may have to keep up with others and the best way to do this without feeling embarrassed is if you increase your stamina by testing your timing.  
3. Increase your endurance levels
As you come closer to your trekking date, work on increasing your endurance. Go for longer hikes to match the approximate time of your daily trek or even better do it early in the morning to mimic the time of your actual trekking to customize your body to trek in varying time conditions.  
4. Go Up And Down
Remember while trekking you will also have to climb down after reaching the summit so it is crucial to trek your muscles and increase your foot balance and stamina to climb in both upwards and downwards direction. While going on your hikes to prepare your body, ensure to carry some weight on your back as you progress as in your real trek you will probably be carrying a heavy weight while trekking.  
5. Mix up your workouts
Try practising with different workouts like running on a treadmill, running outside, jogging, doing the elliptical, machine work outs. Remember in trekking a strong back is as important as strong arms and legs for proper balance. Lunges, push-ups, squats, dead lifts all these will also take you a long way to prepare your body and its muscles for trekking.  
6. Eat The Right Food
Food is fuel to your body and you must watch what you eat. It is easier for lighter people to trek than those who are more obese so watching what you eat and eating healthy and nutritious meals is important. Try eating a meal with major protein and carbohydrate source as it will help your muscles build and recover on a daily basis and carbs will give you the boost of energy you need to keep you going just before a trek.  
7. Get Your Quality Sleep
If you are training to increase your stamina for trekking then getting enough quality sleep, a minimum of eight hours is very important for your muscles and body to rest. Get into a proper sleeping schedule to get the maximum benefit out of your stamina training. We can not really provide you with an actual routine to follow because that depends on your own level of fitness and the type of trek you plan on taking, plus everyone needs to listen to their own body. So take it slow and steady and follow these steps to make your own routine which suits you the best. Are there any pointers you follow to increase your stamina for a trek? What are those? Share them with us in the comments below and tell us what trek are you planning to take or which one has been your favourite so far. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and you can even train together!!

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