Just 2 hours from Chandigarh – Karol Tibba Trek

Karol Tibba | November 2017

Trekking is beautiful!

High up in the mountains,
Somewhere lost in the woods,
Away from city crowd,
Having no idea of what is going to come next,
Exploring on a trail,
Wild & free,
Sunrise & Sunset,
Watching the sky changing it’s colors,

All above lines perfectly define karol tibba trek.
From visiting Pandava cave to crazy trails, this trek has everything to offer to adventure seekers.
One day trek, which is extremely offbeat and not too famous is a must go.

Distance (from Chandigarh): 70 kms
Best time to visit: Anytime
Trek Distance: 6 kms (can be covered in 3-4 hrs.)
Altitude: 2500 meters
Route: Chandigarh – Solan – Chambaghat (from this point the trek starts) – Karol Tibba


    1. Yeah, even i was surprised to know about it. Just 2 hours from Chandigarh. You can easily do it in 1 day.

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