Kangojodi | Travel Affairs | Sept. 2017

Kangojodi | Travel Affairs | September 2017

What happens when you travel with a bunch of people you have never met before,
to a place that is unlike the typical hotels and resorts you are used to going to.
Place which is unassuming, beautiful, surrounded in nature, secluded, no WiFi and devoid of luxuries.

When all this happens, you become a traveler from a tourist.
You discover who you really are beneath the surface.

You might not make friends for life but you get to know the real version of those people.
There is no boredom and you actually don’t check your phones every second to see if life is passing you by.

You live life in the present moment and how beautiful is that.

Checkout pictures here !
Distance (from Delhi): 273 kms
Best time to visit: September to March
Altitude: 2000 meters
Route: Delhi – Ambala – Nahan – Shimla Highway – Kangajodi

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