“Namaste Karnataka” Solo Road Trip

On 26th Oct., I took this trip, which, I would say, was a trip for a lifetime.
It was not that long in terms of the number of days, but if you ask me, I genuinely lived every second of it. “Namaste Karnataka” Road trip was special in its own ways.
The trip made me realize a lot of things. How beautiful and liberating it is to be on the roads, that sense of freedom, meeting new people, tasting new kinds of food, and a lot more other things.

Karnataka is a very new place for me (for those who don’t know, I am from Haryana). It gives me immense pleasure to experience the beauty of this state.

Here is Episode 2 of my #Karnataka Solo Road Trip series.
In this episode, I have covered the tallest waterfalls of Karnataka, which is Jog Falls, then visited a small beach town- Apsarakonda. Apsarakonda falls is one of it’s kind.

It’s special in so many ways and ended the day in Kumta. Got to stay at this beautiful Beach Resort called “Nirvana Aditi Beach Resort” The day was full of fun, adventure, and adrenaline rush. Check out the video for all the details regarding cost, locations, etc.

Gokarna was always on my travel bucket list!
Finally, I visited, as a part of the Namaste Karnataka Road Trip.
It was all empty there! No tourists, empty beaches, feels like I had everything to myself!
I had mixed emotions after visiting there. I don’t know how I should explain it. I had nothing to do there, the weather was so hot and humid, limited time to spend on beaches, etc etc.
Been to all beaches around, ate at multiple places, talked to locals, etc, but something was missing.
Planned to stay there for 4 days but I left in 2 days.

Here’s Episode 4 from my Namaste Karnataka Road Trip series.
In this vlog, I have shared my experience of Yana Caves. Yana is a village located in the forests of the Kumta, Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka, India which is known for the unusual karst rock formations. It is located in the Sahyadri mountain range of the Western Ghats, about 60 km from Karwar port, 40 km from Sirsi, and 31 km from Kumta.
Yana is one of the wettest villages in the world and it is the cleanest village in Karnataka.

This one is my personal favorite episode from the road trip series. The reason being, the place, and it’s vibes. Agumbe is such a small village, it’s merely 4-5 km and people are so simple and cooperative.

The whole charm of this village takes you back to the 70s. Agumbe is the shooting location of R.K. Narayan’s “Malgudi Days”. If you have not read R.K. Narayan’s Malgudi Days, or seen its brilliantly televised version by Shankar Nag, there is something missing in your life.
It is the story of 10-year-old Swami, his family, and neighbors who can be found anywhere in the world. Including in the make-believe town of Malgudi or Agumbe where the series was shot. The house where the series was shot is known as “Dodda Mane” and it’s approx 150 years old.

When in Agumbe, feel free to knock on the doors of Kasturi Akka; this was the home to Swami and his family in the series. You will be greeted warmly, and be offered a meal, buttermilk, and snacks immediately. You can also stay at Dodda Mane but currently, it’s closed for tourists, for obvious reasons.

Agumbe is a high-altitude village in the southwest Indian state of Karnataka. Surrounded by the Western Ghats mountains and lush rainforest, it’s known for its many waterfalls, such as Onake Abbi, Bakarna, and Jogi Gundi falls. The Sunset View Point overlooks forested valleys. Nearby is Sri Venugopala Krishna Swamy Temple. To the south, tigers, leopards, and king cobras live in Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary. Rest, you can check out the video for more details about the place.

This is the last episode of my Namaste Karnataka Road trip series.

This is kind of a happy and sad moment but I am really happy to be able to share all of this with you all. This one is from Chikmagalur. Translated as the ‘Young Daughter’s Town’ as it was presented as dowry to the younger daughter of the Chief of Sakrepatna, Rukmangada, this serene city is also known as the ‘Coffee Land of Karnataka’ tranquilizing you from within with its aroma.

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