Kudi Nu Nachne De

Girl, You deserve the world!
You deserve to be held, hugged, kissed, and loved.
You deserve anything and everything that you desire, you deserve your heart and soul.
You deserve the absolute best and you only willing to be with someone who can give that to you.
You deserve to be treated like a lady.
You deserve the truth, not lies.
You deserve to be treated with respect.
You deserve to laugh, have fun, and to enjoy yourself all of the time.
No Negativity.
You deserve the world.

Kudi Nu Nachne De

In the video:

Heena Raheja: https://instagram.com/hina_raheja
Nupur Jain: https://instagram.com/nupurrjain
Disha Sharma: https://instagram.com/dishasharmaaa
Sakshi Sharma: https://instagram.com/the_sillygypsy
Deepika Taneja: https://instagram.com/_deepikataneja
Tanya Jain: https://instagram.com/jain.tanya21
Anubha Sardana: https://instagram.com/anubhasardana
Avantika: https://instagram.com/avantikaaaaaa_
Sharleen: https://instagram.com/emcee_sharleen
Kaavya: https://instagram.com/kaavyajindal
Nandini: https://www.instagram.com/cascabel_girl/

Special thanks:
Avantika, for coming up with the idea of shooting this fun video, bringing all the girls together, spending so much time editing it, and making it a complete blast on Instagram. Cheers to all the beautiful ladies out there.

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