Meet the Girl

Hey guys, WhatsUp! (Now imagine doing me doing that in my signature style). Ok, you know the style only if you follow me on Instagram.

Koi na!

There is a lot about me to tell you all. Where should I start! How about some random facts about me?

?. In class 5th, my mom was taking my oral test of I guess history or science, She was doing something side by side and was not looking at me. Hence, I could cheat and answer everything so perfectly!
Sorry, but not sorry mom!

?. Once, during my internship, I cut the wire of Mouse so that I don’t have to work.

?. I am a highly sensitive person. I even cry on very (like very very) normal emotional scenes in movies.

?. I have never lied about my age, and I don’t get why people do. I (don’t) love getting older, and I have plans of staying 23 for the next 6-7 years.

?. I document videos of me and Anurag for my future kids. I have a LOT of them already.
P.S. I have no plans to have kids so we might end up watching our videos ourselves in our Budhapa.

?. I can’t live without my phone, because of the 105 GB pictures and videos saved in it + the data on the cloud. Whenever I feel sad or demotivated, I just go through my old memories. It instantly makes me happy and rejuvenated.

?. I am an MBA in HR & Marketing, got 95 percentile in MAT and earned a scholarship also, cleared CS (level 1) with 70%, started taking NCFM tests (something related to share market), and left in between, all this to eventually realize that I love talking to my camera.

?. I secretly dream of hosting a Travel Show one day!

?. I am an overthinker. I understand every little thing in details and I feel bad about it sometimes. B’coz, that makes me either too happy or too sad. There is no in-between.

??. My 1st relationship lasted for 6 years, rest all, not more than 2 months.
Oh, and I am married now. It’s been 15 months. (as updated in May 2010)

??. I was scared of height and then I decided to do Paragliding.
I am still scared of heights.

??. Once, and only once, I had a beer when I was sad and I cried that time. And that was THE FIRST TIME I TRIED ALCOHOL, rest, every time when I was happy. Damn! Beer is a thing to cherish. not to waste on some stupid temporary thought of sadness.

??. Never have I ever purchased chocolate in my life for me.
माता रानी की कृपा से, कमी नहीं रही कभी gifts की।

??. Last but not the least, I mistakenly Super liked Anurag on Tinder. That’s how we met.

15. I sleep with my GoPro by my side. You never know when you might have to record anything.