My Bucket List

  1. Work in a cafe sometime (as a server)
  2. One month backpacking trip to Europe
  3. Purchase all the balloons from the balloon seller. Or maybe 2-3 sellers. Make them happy and click a lot of photographs with the seller and balloons
  4. Travel on Purpose – Done (Went to Ladakh on a Solar Electrification Project – August 2017)
  5. Watch a penguin dance
  6. Have a Black Rose
  7. Be a part of YouTube Fanfest
  8. Work for a social cause – Done (No shave November- November 2016)
  9. Go on a Solo Trip – Done (August 2017 to Ladakh)
  10. Go on 12 trips in a year – Done (16 trips in 2016)
  11. Learn Driving – Done (in 2017)
  12. Drive a sports car
  13. Fly like a bird – Done (Paragliding in March 2017)
  14. Speak at TedX – Done (March 17, 2018 @ 1:09 pm & 2nd- Sept. 25, 2017)
  15. Get a tattoo I always wanted – Done (twice)
  16. Kiss a stranger (foreigner)
  17. Get One Saree from every state- Collected 7-8 so far
  18. Be Instagram famous
  19. Celebrate Holi at Pushkar – Done (Mar 2, 2018)
  20. Go to Jagriti Yatra as a mentor
  21. When someone says – Travel Affairs is in my bucket list – Done (Mar 2, 2018)
  22. Launch Travel Affairs merchandise by 2018 end. – Done (Feb 27, 2018)
  23. Quit the job and pursue something on my own – Done (November 2017)
  24. Can I have a photograph with you- Done (just after TED talk 1)
  25. Can I have your autograph- Done (just after TED talk 1)
  26. March 2017: exactly after a year, I don’t want to be at the same place (professionally), where I am now- Done (March 2018, celebrating TA’s 1st birthday)
  27. Backpacking for 6 months
  28. Watch the Milky Way- Done (Ladakh, August 2017)
  29. Snuggle a panda
  30. USA Jana hai
  31. Drive a tractor – Done (Jan 18, 2018)
  32. Propose my latest crush exactly after a year (30 Nov 2018)- Done in advance (Jan 14, 2018)
  33. Come on the Radio at least once
  34. Make Bhiwani famous
  35. Prom Night in the mountains- Done (March 10, 2018)
  36. Get proposed in a unique way- Done, Feb 8, 2018
  37. Overcome the fear of water – Done (Rafting at Rishikesh March 21, 2018, Didn’t overcome that fear though)
  38. Enter into an airplane and make everyone DAB
  39. The goal in life: inspire people
  40. Camping at Beach, Desert, and Mountain: Beach left
  41. Star-gazing at mountain, beach and a desert: Done
  42. Quit the job again to follow my passion: Done (Oct 1, 2020)
  43. Start a Podcast- Done (Oct 1, 2020)
  44. Be Youtube famous
  45. Get a sponsored International Trip – Done (Malaysia, June 23, 2019)
  46. Get a picture clicked at sarso ke khet- DDLJ style
  47. Learn Surfing
  48. Learn Swimming
  49. Do a 90-day-follow-my-passion challenge
  50. One month backpacking trip to Europe
  51. Visit Kashmir in all 4 seasons (Winters, Autumn, Spring, and Summer)

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  1. I want to work in a cafe/bar sometime (as a server).
    I want to do a one-month backpack trip anywhere.
    I have done a solo trip.
    I have done 12 trips in 12 months.
    I still want to get a tattoo or maybe two.
    I have done Can I have a photograph with you and Can I have your autograph
    I have driven a tractor (but I still need to learn to drive).
    I have camped at Triund and Jaisalmer.
    Kissed a stranger – I did. I met someone on a journey but later, we weren’t stranger anymore. We were in contact for a while.

    Are you from Bhiwani?

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