One Take Intro ;)

One Take Intro 😉

By Heena & Neeraj.

a happy-go-lucky girl, an office dropout, insta-holic, day dreamer, night thinker and a path finder to achieve them.

Neeraj aka guy with the pink bag…
A straight guy (yes he has to explain it again and again as a prank gone wrong against him on a trip), so called Chartered accountant, yes he is a day dreamer too.

Find out more details in the video.

Oh! You can checkout our pictures here. Also read about us if you feel like 😉


  1. Soon gonna be part of the “TRAVEL AFFAIRS” family! I guess would take a little bit of time as life is unstable at the moment…. Bro@neeraj …..I have never spoken to @Heena but would love to…:

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