PART 1 – After college ended | Chote Chote steps towards bade bade dreams

Like any other person, I started looking for a job after I completed my MBA. Honestly, I was not at all clear of what I had to do with my career (or life as a matter of fact). At one point, I thought of becoming a teacher, then I wanted to work in some fancy corporate and then I never wanted to do any of these.
More important was, I didn’t want to go back to my hometown (Bhiwani), so getting into a good job was a priority…

Got selected in AON (Gurgaon)

October 2014

AON was no less than a college for me. I was the youngest in the team, also a fresher, and everyone treated me really well. I found a few good teammates who eventually became close friends, they used to do my work, etc. etc. etc…
Then my 1st monthly one-on-one and my statement were:
“””I don’t want to work here and will resign as soon as my one year bond gets completed”””

Any manager wouldn’t really want to listen to this.

What happened next?
Stay tuned for the next part.

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