PART 2 – Apne Mann ki Karo | Chote Chote steps towards bade bade dreams

In part 1 I told you, how I just decided not to continue with my job, just after a month of joining it.

Manager: Are you mad or what? Who does that? You have just joined the job and AON is a good start. You don’t even care about your rating and all.

Me: What’s the rating ? And hold on, I don’t like this job. Not my type at all. I don’t know how I am going to survive for the next 11 months.

Manager: ?

Me: ?

Me to myself: 11 months I have to chill and then a new job. But what job? Will figure out.

Me again: Sad and almost depressed. At the office (after completing my work), I used to do facebook, YouTube, try street food (from vendors near office), watch random web series, etc. etc.

And one fine day,

*On Facebook* I saw there was an advertisement:

“””Celebrate Christmas with 40 strangers in the deserts of jaisalmer”””

My instant reaction and thoughts were:
* I have been listening about Jaisalmer for really long.. camels, deserts and that one good click with my name in the sand.
* But how can I go just like that…
*Hold on, how about I convince my friends to come along.
* But who will convince mumma papa
P.S I never traveled before that except Vaishno Devi with family. I am a small town girl, where travel is not even a subject of discussion, ever. No one feels the need for it. Go to Nani’s house In summer vacations and stay quite for one year. That’s how I have lived my childhood. Imagine, my mom dad didn’t even go on a honeymoon. Their 1st trip was to Vaishno Devi with me, when I was 4 months old.
And I would like to give all the credit to my Dada Dadi’s old school thoughts for my boring childhood.. and equal thanks to my mom who took the stand, fought with the family to send me out of Bhiwani for further studies.
(That’s a lot of rant I know.. but I feel sad about it)

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What’s next? Wait for it. It’s going to be interesting. Trust me.
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