PART 3 – Jaisalmer happened | Chote Chote steps towards bade bade dreams

In the last part, I told you about that Facebook ad- “celebrate Christmas with 40 strangers in Jaisalmer”

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I started asking my friends, acquaintances, brother, sister if they wish to accompany me to Jaisalmer.

Hold on, before that, I read that itinerary almost 10 times. That was so attractive and beautifully designed. 
I wanted to live that every line written in the itinerary.

Jaisalmer was a dream. (Leaving my comfort zone and going out of my boundaries was the actual dream)

I called the organizer, asked so many questions. Obviously, I wanted to be sure about the trip.

Finally, convinced my brother and few office friends to join. We were 5, in a group of 42.
Trust me, it’s difficult to go out like that.. Trust is the major issue.

“””Train will start at 5 pm, from New Delhi Railway station, on Dec. 24″””

I was never so excited but what happened on the trip was a new Discovery about myself.

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Part 4 soon…

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