PART 5 – Questions on the existence of universe | Chote Chote steps towards bade bade dreams

Picture from a beach at Sabah, Malaysia

How do you feel after you are back from a trip, like back to the routine?
It can be any kind of feel right. Considering “present”, I have been traveling for the past 3 years now and every time I come back from the trip, it’s a different feel.

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Here, I am talking about the “1st ever trip’s feel”.
You know how important “first’s” are.

Back to the office,
Same old work life,
From 5 pm to 2 am!

Just after I came back from Jaisalmer trip, I decided to go on another trip…

Reason- I wanted to get out of my “awkward complexity” zone of being uncomfortable among strangers.

Day and night I kept on thinking about what happened on the Jaisalmer trip.. my everyday schedule was – wake up at 1 pm, get ready, have food, go to work, watch some TV series or movies, do facebook, YouTube and come back at 3 am.

March 24th, 2016:
Trek to Triund, again with 42 strangers, and with the same group with who I went to Jaisalmer

Again, I convinced a few of my friends to tag along.

It was my 1st-time trek. Yeah, I was excited. But more than that, I wanted to talk to new people, make new friends…

But what happened on that trip was epic.. in so many ways. 
Damn! I made the biggest mistake of my life to ask my friends to tag along.
Now, if I think about that incident, I wonder if I had the confidence to take a stand and think in some direction.

I was in some sort of loop.. a quest, a dilemma… Travel to me was some escape from routine plus it was helping me to understand myself better…
What happened at Triund changed my perspective about a lot of things.. majorly about “friendship”

Umm, I am sure a lot of you will connect to it…
Stay tuned for the next part.

And yeah, thanks for reading 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this article. 
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