PART 6 – Dosti mein pyaar | Chote Chote steps towards bade bade dreams

This is a universal problem – when In friendship, someone fell in love. Either a boy or a girl…
Matlab kaafi kalesh..
In this situation, the biggest question is, whether to tell the other person or not. If you tell the other person, there are high chances of spoiling the friendship. Or the 2nd situation can be both agree to give the relationship a chance.

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So what happened to me, was my dear friend thought the trip was a good time to propose.
Damn, I was not ready for that. I mean I didn’t see that coming. I had no idea about it.
I said no as soon as I got the proposal.

I couldn’t understand whatever was happening. And my friend was facing a similar situation I guess. He couldn’t handle the rejection.

As a result, we had a huge fight. We managed to create a scene on the trip which I’m not really proud of but trust me it was not my fault. If I think about that incident today I just wish I had some confidence to handle the situation in a better way.

I was just waiting for the trip to end so that I could boycott that friend of mine. Oh, I tell you that I was also so excited for my first trek ever.

Triund trek is generally the first trek of so many.
We were trekking in a group of 40 and I managed to be alone most of the time. Because I wanted to.. the trip was already so overwhelming. That trek helped me a lot.
Majorly because I got a lot of “me time”.

Like Jaisalmer, I didn’t talk to anyone on this trip too. Courtesy my dear friend. But one thing was sure, I was already thinking of the next trip.

Hashtag Wanderlust wali feel

No, I am just kidding. I didn’t even know the meaning of wanderlust. It’s like, I want a good trip.
Chote Chote dreams.

That’s all for part 6.
Will be posting the next part super soon.

Changa fir.

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