PART 7 – A little backstory | Chote Chote steps towards bade bade dreams

Now you know about 2 bad trips of my life.
And I just realized that I didn’t even introduce myself or my family.

I am from a small town, Bhiwani, Haryana or HR 16, as most of the people even add in their bio.. jaat swag you see. (Yes, NH10 ?)
No, I am not jaat.. a Punjabi, though I prefer being called an Indian.

I have extremely supportive parents and loveliest younger brother & sister one could ever ask for…
But, no matter how supportive your parents are, they won’t accept your newly found love for travel. They have valid reasons, say, safety being the foremost.

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I played the emotional card – ” I have never been to any place except Vaishnodevi, please allow me to go”

I remember the time when I just entered college and they didn’t like me going out for a movie with friends. Would you believe that the first-ever movie I saw in the theater was “Rock On” in the 1st year of my college and that was a college outing?

And I don’t blame them at all for this. Obviously, the environment in Bhiwani is far more different than NCR and it was difficult to adapt to the new lifestyle.

It was like, I was experiencing things in real and my parents started experiencing things virtually.. with me…

One thing I decided and was very strict about was – I will not hide anything from them, rather will make them understand and get used to it. My point was- they should also grow with me. It was a big-time challenge. But yeah, it was important.

How are my parents now? Stay tuned to know more 🙂

P.S. “Savdhaan India” has always been the biggest hurdle in my travel tales.. not only travel but whole life.

I hope you enjoyed this article. 
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