PART 8 – Realisation: Trekking is good for the mind, body, and soul | Chote chote steps towards bade bade dreams

Remember part 7th? Where I shared about that friend who suddenly fell in love with me and we went on a group trip together.. (If not, you can check that part in previous posts). We went to the Triund trek. It was my first trek. And somehow it is the 1st trek of so many people.

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I still remember the exact scenes and emotions from that trek. Since my friend spoiled that trip already with his stupid proposal, I decided to do the trek alone. I mean, there were people from my group but I choose to do it alone. Those 4 hours of the climb were revolutionary. Like in literal sense…
What sort of impact does trekking has on mind?
Well, I would directly relate trek to life!
There are ups & downs. You meet new people. You feel exhausted & motivated. You also feel like giving up at one point. More the efforts, the better are the results.
Correct me if you find me wrong at any point!

Benefits of trekking:

* Whole body workout
* Reduces stress
* Better views
* A time for introspection
* Realisation that there are better things in the world than Netflix & Night Clubs
* You realize that there are other ways to get high.
* You challenge yourself and get to know your worth.

This was a long back, in March 2016. If I talk about today, I have done a lot of treks since then and the feeling is the same. That adrenaline rush, motivation to do something productive with my life, feeling that we, as humans keep on cribbing about petty things, etc. etc…
Please, you guys also share your points on why do you like trekking?

P.S. Triund was similar to Jaisalmer. Still that “awkward complexity syndrome”.

Picture details:
Location: Ban Laem Pho, Krabi, Thailand
I visited there 3 weeks ago and trust me, Krabi is crazy. The kind of beaches and landscape it has, it’s beautiful and as much I explored Thailand, I loved Krabi the most. Would love to visit this place again for sure.

I hope you enjoyed this article. 
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