Previous Trips

Life’s strategy ?
Create stuff that bring you bliss.

Rooftops & rain,
Forest walks & warm air,
Dandelions & wrong turns,
Travel & affairs,
Sacred geography & vintage signs,
Neon letters & cosmic art,
Language of rivers & the desert sand,
Connection with the parallel universe to starts in dying galaxy.

Tiny Miracles !

Here are the glimpses of such beautiful memories we created on our previous trips:


When we started to pen down our ideas, we ended up creating an event.
When we completed our journey, we ended up creating memories.

Travel Affairs is not about the team who is working backstage, but it’s all wanderlust crazy souls who made it possible.

When a simple dinner plan at Dhaba turns into a DJ night & whole dhaba starts following your steps,
Hostel rooms to cosy camps and the ghost story sessions!
Holi Celebrations to Birthday parties in the mountains,
Oh! Hold on, Bachelorette party too.
“Hello’s” to “See you soon”


A trip happened by chance!
When 12 crazy hippies turned a Dhaba into dance floor
Celebrated Holi in the mountains,
Ghost stories……………


High up in the Mountains,
Somewhere lost in the Woods,
Exploring on a trail,
No idea of what is going to come next !!

Naggar | Vashistha

Last minute itinerary change!
Wait, what ?
Oh! Glad that happened. 


7 km of Pine Forest, running stream & that old-world charm defines this place. 
Moreover, not spoilt by the tourists, the place is must go for all adventure lovers.


Crazy Confessions to Intellectual talks,
Dancing on the tunes of Eminem to some Bhojpuri numbers,
Jungle Walks to Rock climbing
Yet another trip, spent well in the woods!

Jaisalmer | Ajmer

How often in life do you get a chance to spend Christmas eve in a desert with 40 random strangers & sleep under billions of stars ?

Holi at Pushkar

If you haven’t played holi at Pushkar, then you have never really played holi !

Prom Night in Mountains

So here is how Travel Affairs celebrated its first birthday…

Time for some adventure

Done so many things in the mountains, now it’s time for some water sports.

Kangojodi Returns

Yes ! we love this place and considering the fact that we do not repeat places, we repeated this one!!