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1. Tell people about yourself
My name is Shriya Sahni. I am a Chartered Accountant by profession but a writer by passion.. Currently I am working at KPMG as a financial consultant. Besides, I write and perform spoken word poems You would often find me talking to myself or inanimate objects. I think travelling is like a curry to my soul. It’s a pop up window which helps me take a journey inside my very own self. Also, I derive a lot of inspiration for my writeups from nature. Not to mention, the sun and the moon being my favourite.
2. What kind of a traveler are you?
Well I have mostly travelled with my friends (though a solo trip is on the top of my bucket list). I consider myself a backpacker. I love exploring non commercialised pretty little hamlets in Himachal and Uttarakhand. The kind of job I have can be exhausting at times. And to gain back my perspective, travelling always comes to my rescue. Also, I think it is super important for me as a writer too. It helps me meet different people, know their stories and gain a completely different understanding of the world. I travel on a budget, staying at homestays or hostels. It helps me travel more often (without burning a hole in my pocket!).
3. Looking at your voyage stories people often think it’s quite fancy and easy to pack the bag and start a journey, what are your thoughts on it?
I think I say the same when I look at people spending at night clubs partying for a night. I think the urge to travel is more commanding than the urge to party. People spend huge amount of money for drinking and dancing. I would urge them to spend the same amount on travel and see the difference. Because travelling gives you an experience you will always cherish. The other thing is planning. Well that comes with experience. But you always have a number of vlogs and blogs on google to help you start. And the more you dive into it, the more you’d find about the wonderful places on this planet you haven’t even heard of.
4. “” Being girl, it’s not safe to travel solo””. What are your thoughts on this?
Well, considering that we are living in India, it is true. But one thing that I keep telling myself is that it will be liberating. To manage everything on your own. To wander independently without having to listen to anybody. To wander where your heart leads you to. And I am a firm believer that the journey is more empowering than the destination. I would say start with a safe place. We have plenty of heritage cities in India. Gain experience. You would develop a sense of responsibility and you will gain that confidence which would urge you to travel more. And once you start managing everything on your own, there would be no stopping you!
5. How do you fund your travels?
I keep aside INR 3,000 every month from my salary which I say is for my travelling fund. As I mentioned earlier that I am a budget traveler, trips usually don’t cost me a fortune.
6. What is your greatest personal achievement?
As someone who has always had anxiety, I think my biggest achievement was to come out and accept it. Now I do in public and talk about mental health. I believe mental health and mental illness need to be normalised and I am doing my bit for it.
7. Your message / travel tips to all the women out there on this Women’s’ day?
Liberate yourself. Step outside. Buy that ticket! And leave for a soulful sojourn. You will learn so much about yourself when you will travel. Travelling outside implies travelling inside your own self too. And it will give you the kind of peace that you have been searching hitherto.
8. How can people connect with you?
My email id is and Instagram is @sheeriesah
Team Travel Affairs wishes you a very Happy Women’s Day !

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