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I don’t know why was I so fancied by the idea of #runaway bride. I mean, yeah, I am a crazy NETFLIX person and these western web series can have a huge impact on you at times.

Anyway, let’s not talk about it and get back to one of my favorite “chapter” of life. Aah that’s actually a pretty long story but of course, I will cut it short and will keep it restricted to the wedding day (ok, a day before too).

7th Feb. 2019

It was raining badly, like so damn badly when Raheja siblings (I mean, Bhai, Nazia and me), along with the dear bridesmaids left the house for the wedding venue.

Just for your information, I am from Bhiwani (Haryana) and the wedding venue was at Bhiwadi (Rajasthan). I also invited my 2 best friends (Neeraj & Vivek) and Bhai invited a few of his friends at the venue. So basically, the ceremonies were scheduled for 8th and 9th Feb. and we just wanted to go a day before to chillax (meaning: chill + relax).
We reached the venue at approx. 5 pm in our PJ’s and honestly it all felt like I am on some trip.

Just after a small “Nailpaint application” session, we all went downstairs for dinner and there was this live music session was going on. And guess what, Sakshi sang this beautiful song for me:

“Banno Re Banno Meri Chali Sasuraal Ko
Ankhiyon Mein Paani De Gayi
Duaa Mein Meethi Gud Dhaani Le Gayi”

Yes, it was “awwwww” and very important information here – This was the only time during my wedding when I cried!

It was pretty cold, raining and oh yes, I was HELL worried about the weather because most of the wedding ceremonies were supposed to happen in the open area. There was no plan B but that day, as always, I chose to be in “jo hoga dekha jaayega” mode and we just celebrated (not literally celebrated but had some quality time), did a bonfire and had some beers.

It was 1:30 am and trust me, it was just the perfect weather to have “chai” and a drive. And it was also a good chance to make some interesting Instagram stories mentioning that “I am thinking to run away from my wedding and the 1st stop is some Dhaba to have chai”.

(Just in case you wish to check out the stories, they are all saved on my Instagram highlights)

I was enjoying it all but then I totally forgot to hide my stories from Mommy darling and yeah, she called up at 2 am. I was in no position to justify what the hell I was doing. I seriously mistook my wedding for a trip.

We came back to the hotel and I slept well. (not really. I mean, the anxiety was real)

8th Feb. 2019

Let me tell you the itinerary first before I tell you the story:

10 am- Arrival of my family and groom’s family
11 am- Haldi ceremony followed by lunch
4-6 pm- Do whatever
6 pm- Engagement Function
11 pm- Go back to sleep (because wedding function starts early tomorrow in the morning)

But you know, it was just the itinerary. None of the events went as planned.
Let me take you through what actually happened.

11 am, and I was literally shouting at my parents because they were still on the way and my dear bridesmaids were helping me with the little makeup I could use for my Haldi function and the decorator was constantly calling me to check if the decorations were as per my requirements (oh that’s a totally different story about wedding arrangements and all). I tried hard to stay calm.

**Little forward**

The Haldi Ceremony started at 2 pm and you know it gets a little awkward on such occasions. I mean, the whole family around, the would-be family and then you are just the “center of attraction”. Everything was going great and then there were Dhols!

Ok just a little something about me. I go crazy when it comes to dhols, Punjabi music, and dance. Also, somehow, there is this unsaid tradition of “me dancing on a chair”. Dance for me is also a way to release stress. Knowing the fact that there was my complete family and Non-Punjabi in-law family, I chose to dance (on the chair too).

Click here to read “How to enjoy your own wedding”

And I did. Yes I could sense A LOT of judgy eyes there but that very moment was also a sudden realization that it was my wedding (read this one Ekta Kapoor style… like 3 times with the head motions) and I should enjoy the day as I wish to and also, how important the stories are for me! Oh, not Instagram stories but real-life moments that eventually become stories for life (or for future grandkids).

Anyway, My Haldi function was fun. As soon as we got free from the ceremony, it was already 5 pm and just to add on, my makeup artist was already there. Usually, it takes up to 3 hours for such kind of party makeups. I mean, that’s what my MUA told me.

I was already so overwhelmed, tired, and in totally no mood for makeup. It was 7 pm and dear Anurag (my soon to be husband) was constantly calling me. No, he was not at all in a romantic mood or missing me (that doesn’t happen in real, it’s only movies stuff) but he was actually making me feel guilty that I took so long to get ready. But wait, only 2 hours passed and I still had an hour left for some more layers of makeup. Damn, to be very honest with you all, it was crazy and I was not liking that part at all.

I finally reached (read it as “ran”) the venue at almost 8.
Wow, it was tough than I imagined. Oh, I mean, with both the families together and the thought of getting married. Trust me, it’s way too ummmm, more than overwhelming.
But as they say, this is once in a lifetime sort of moment and enjoy it no matter what.

Would you believe that after we exchanged the rings, I danced like crazy (again). I remember that moment when the DJ was full of people and I wanted to dance, I started dancing on the stage. Alone. Yes, weird.

Oh, one thing that actually happened according to the planned itinerary was- Go to sleep at 11 pm. The families took that part seriously (except cousins and friends). The music was officially off at 10 and everyone including the hotel staff left at 11:30 types.

Now what?
It was all of us, sitting on the DJ, playing Dholak, singing, and drinking, I wish I had some BTS pictures too. And one my cousins reminded me of “beauty sleep” the bride needs a day before wedding. I was clearly not even thinking about that.

I went to my room at 4 am or 4:30 am I guess. I was tired, a bit drunk, and wanted to sleep forever.

9th Feb. 2019

5:15 AM: The doorbell rang and it was my makeup artist.
That was the moment when I actually wanted to run away from my wedding to sleep. Or I was actually regretting my decision for a morning wedding.
After 2 sleepless nights, I had to sit for straight 3 hours for all those unwanted layers of makeup.

I secretly took so many short naps while my makeup session. Then there was this photoshoot. I was enjoying all of that actually 🙂
You know how the usual bride entrances are, surrounded by sisters, slow walk, and “din shagna da” in the background.
Well, on mine, I remember my Bua telling me “Please thoda sharma lena, atleast let us feel that our daughter is getting married”.
I ditched “din shagna da” and it was “dhol” again, so I had to dance. You know what I mean.

It was a fun 2-day “wedding trip” and I enjoyed every single bit of it. Yeah, it was tiring and so overwhelming but I had promised myself to enjoy the moment to the fullest.

Also, I guess I was the most “socially active” bride. I documented and shared every special moment with my Instagram fam. (You can check the highlights)

Thank you for reading this and now you are also a part of my story.
Virtual hugs!

I hope you like this blog. Do check out my Instagram and Facebook for regular updates of my trips and events. Also, don’t forget to share your feedback about this blog in the Comments Section. See you in the next one!


  1. Hina just loved it ❤️ and man literally you are so cool, i liked the part how you penned down the way you enjoyed it to the fulliest
    God bless you both
    I wish to meet you someday and do dance like crazy over punjabi songs (being punjabi things).

  2. Kya kahe apke bare me, i don’t have word’s to describe you
    Bss aap kamal ho ma’am.
    Meri taraf se b virtual hug… ?

  3. I loved reading this blog as I was part of the wedding so I can somehow relate to some of the things. I wish usse pehle ek bar mili hoti to tere runaway ki mai bhi partner in crime hoti??

  4. Ha ha ha…you reminded me Geet of Jab we Met….you are that character in real world bro…. And yes…i like the most socially active bride title on you.
    If i ever get married then i want to do atleast half of the adventure you did on your wedding.

    Tum apni favourite ho Heena Raheja!!❤️
    All the best for all upcoming adventures.

  5. Wowww you look so beautiful and I felt as if everything happened infront of my eyes. Your narrative was like a live commentary.
    Absolutely loved the blog.
    The best part were the small small details from every occassion ,and yes I just had one thought in mind after reading this “you are a beautiful soul,inside out” ,your purity is reflected in this blog.

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