What is Stay On Skill?

This one is from (a solo trip) to Goa with SOS

Hey guys,
This is Heena again, not reporting live from my camera this time but from my blog. 
And the topic of today’s discussion is – “Stay On Skill

I have been asked this question literally so many times. And I will try to answer everything here.


Baat uss zamaane ki hai (i guess Feb. 2018), I was looking for volunteer travel opportunities and discovered “Stay on Skill” on Instagram. Without giving it a second thought, I just texted them. Ok, so it was like, there was a post on their timeline saying – “TravelX talk at Amritsar“.
I filled the form and got the (unexpected) call from Arjun (Founder).
And guess what, I got selected too…


*Fast forward*

After attending 3 meetups & one solo trip with Stay On Skill, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce this platform to all skilled individuals who wish to travel.

What is Stay on Skill?

Stay on Skill is a Chandigarh based startup, started functioning in July 2017 with the idea to create a space for skilled travelers wherein they can share their skills in exchange for free travel.
Yes, you read it right – FREE TRAVEL.
Its a dream of today’s millennials. And SOS made it possible. Read further to know more.


How to travel for free?

As the name suggests, you can stay at a place in exchange for your skill
A person can be skilled in anything, say, art, Singing, DIY, Blogging, Videography, Photography, Yoga, Choreography, Baking, Coding, Journalism, Cycling, Writing, Instagramming, etc.
There are 2 parties involved – Host and an expert (means, a person with any skill). A person can travel to any place, stay at the host’s place, and teach the skill.

Stay and food is sponsored in this case.
In certain cases, you might also get a stipend but that totally depends on the host.

The host can be a Homestay, Hostel, Hotel or an individual (all verified by Stay on Skill)


How to apply?

There are 2 options:

* Opportunities by SOS
Stay on Skill keeps on posting about the opportunities regularly on their Instagram profile. For eg., Wall Artist required at Varanasi. If the opportunity interests you, then you can apply. (exact details are always mentioned in respective post or story)
The ideal way is to keep your portfolio ready with all your work-related links and email them as soon as you find any opportunity. Oh yes, keep checking their Instagram.

* Ask if there is a requirement
Also, let’s say, you are a photographer and planning to travel to Kolkata. You can ask team SOS (via email or Insta DM) if there is a requirement of a photographer in Kolkata. It’s not always a YES but there can be a chance.


SOS Meetups – a group trip of skilled travelers

Stay on Skill keeps on organizing meetups at different places. It’s like, a group of 10-12 skilled people will go to a place and will create content. Group consists of bloggers, videographers, photographers, artists, musicians, etc. And the trip is not a regular trip. It’s more experiential. This is the most “fun” part of SOS (and my favorite too). You get to spend 3-4 days in the company of experts and you learn a lot.


SOS Experiences:

In this segment, an expert travels to a particular place and conduct a workshop there. For eg., a yoga trainer is traveling to Dalhousie, he/she will be conducting a workshop for 2-3 hours. It generally happens on weekends. So basically, if you wish to travel anywhere, you can contact SOS and ask if there is an opportunity in that particular place or you can conduct a workshop.

Or also, you can attend the workshops too. Stay tuned on their Instagram to get regular updates about the upcoming workshop. As of now, these workshops are free. And trust me, these workshops are really crazy.


Let me give you a few examples of the kind of workshops. It can be – Soap making, Mandala art, Choreography sessions, Yoga, Cupcake making, Dream Catcher making, Painting, Script Writing, Cooking, photographt etc.
And these workshops happens at various parts of the country.


What all skills are qualified?

Well, there is no limit. Every skill is given due importance. You tell them what you are good at and the team will make sure to find out the best mutual fit.


How long is the trip?

Generally, meetups are for 3-5 days, solo trips can be for 4-5 days and experiences happens mostly on weekends.
But again, this is not fixed and totally situation specific.

What to expect?

  • Warm hospitality at Host’s place
  • An opportunity to connect with like-minded
  • Undoubtedly, exposure. Not everyone gets to be a party of SOS
  • And most importantly, you will become part of #SOSTribe. It’s one of the most effective and efficient space for networking and learn from the best.
  • A space to enhance, utilize and showcase your skills.

What will be your responsibilities?

It totally depends on your skills and requirements. Eg., if you are a YouTuber, then you might have to deliver a youtube video; a blog if you are a blogger; pictures if you are a photographer, etc.
And, in general, you will be asked to share your experience on social media in the form of stories and posts. Just to give your audience an idea about what’s going on and where.


Can you take someone along?

That totally depends. Generally a “No” if the host is a “hostel”. Can be a “Yes” in case of resorts and homestays.


What all is covered in stay ?

That again, vary from host to host. Stay is covered everywhere. Food can be partially or fully sponsored. At a few places, you get a travel stipend too.


Meetups generally happen once in a month. Experiences happen every week.

Meet Arjun!
Founder @ Stay On Skill


Well Well Well, like there are rishtedaars’, friends, family, there is SOS tribe. A close-knit community of skilled travelers who have already traveled with Stay on Skill.
It’s always good to know people from different backgrounds. The tribe even has lawyers on board. All your future cases sorted already… Lol JK.

But yes, there is a good flow of knowledge exchange and it’s fun too. We all are connected on Instagram as well as there is an exclusive Whatsapp group for the same.

SOS tribe BTS (behind the scenes)

Forget everything you read above. Just go and follow this Instagram account. It will give you the real feel of Stay on Skill and what happens behind the scenes. This account was created on Dharamkot Meetup and is truly “EPIC”. 

And you just can’t afford to miss this epic video.

BTW, you can check out my experience with Stay On Skill here:
Amritsar Meetup
Tirthan Valley Meetup
Dharamkot and Palampur Meetup

Because of Stay On Skill, we all (SOStribe) got to know so many people from PAN India. It’s like, kahi bhi jana ho, koi na koi to mil hi jaaega. And tribe people generally keep on bumping into each other randomly while traveling. Isn’t it interesting?

I tried to answer every possible question regarding Stay On Skill. And still, if you have anything to ask, feel free to ask in the comments section.

this one is from Dharamkot meetup

Meanwhile, You can check out Stay On Skill’s Social Media accounts for more details:
Facebook Page

You can contact them through Instagram DM or Email.

I wish the best for Stay on Skill, Arjun, the team and the whole SOS tribe who is working hard day and night to achieve their goals.
May the tribe grows bigger and better and cross International boundaries too.

…. and the tribe is getting stronger, bigger and better everyday!

I hope you find this blog useful. Do check out my Instagram and Facebook for regular updates of my trips and events. Also, don’t forget to share your feedback about this blog in the comments Section. See you in the next one!


    1. I am glad you liked it and yes sure, join SOS tribe. You will have the best of experiences.

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