What to always pack for a trip ?

What to pack for a trip can be tricky. Travelling is one of the greatest joys of life whether it is done occasionally or frequently. It is best enjoyed however when one has all the important items with them as they travel to make for a smooth and hassle-free trip. Packing varies depending on the type of trip you intend to take. Here is a top seven list of what to always pack for a trip and why while traveling:
1. ID Proof and Travel Documents.
This one is a no-brainer but the most important one on the list and hence, the number one item you must check to carry while you travel. Your passport, visa along with your flight/bus or train tickets is crucial. It is best to carry these in safe pursue and always, I repeat, always have them with you even when you go to the restroom. You do not want to risk losing these essentials. In case you have plans of staying in a hotel, it is best to carry those booking details with you as well. Of course, now with the help of technology, it has become simpler to save all the essential documents you may need while traveling on your phone or on your laptop but it is best to have hard copies too, just to be safe!
2. Electronics and accessories.
Your laptop, mobile, and camera, headphones, Bluetooth speakers etc. come next on this list as they are pricey electronic items which you need for navigating around any new place you may visit while staying on top of your work game. Be sure to pack your chargers for all your electronics and oh yes, extra batteries and memory cards are always an added bonus especially if your work demands it. Another absolute must is a Travel Adapter. I cannot stress this enough because yes, it is possible to be stuck in transit for 13hours while on a solo trip and watch your laptop die because the charging ports between different countries do not match (True Story). Buying these items at the airport can cost you a fortune and hence it is best that you have it all packed and ready in advance.
3. Toiletries and Medicines
While a lot of hotels may provide some form of complimentary toiletries and towel, it is best to carry a few of your own, especially the most essential ones, for example, your toothbrush, sanitizer, tissue papers, deodorant, shampoo & Conditioner, sunscreen, lotion, wet wipes, personal hygiene products. If you need any medicine for any medical conditions, then carry those too because getting a doctor to prescribe them for you can be a huge task because you may not have accessibility to consultation or medicine in a foreign land or city.
4. Money (Cash, Card & Online Wallet)
Plan your travel budget and carry a little extra in case of emergencies. Carry the currency which will be acceptable at your place of arrival and have a back up international or equivalent acceptable credit or debit card. It goes without saying that be sure to keep your wallet safe because travel destinations and airports are a hot spot for pickpockets. Also, nowadays, online wallets are pretty famous. It’s suggested to have some money in that.
5. Season Appropriate Clothing
If you are venturing into harsh winters, leg warmers, jackets, mufflers, hoodies, gloves are your best friends whereas if your travel destination is more on the tropical side, then light, cotton material clothing, flowy dresses, shirts, and pants are suitable. The right pair of shoes will be a lifesaver. For small trips, it is best to carry at least two pairs of shoes, sports shoes/ trek shoes, and one casual slipper. For your clothes, you can always mix and match and carry in the ratio of 3:1 for top wear to bottom wear. While visiting a new place you may want to do a quick search on the acceptable clothing attire in that place in order to avoid yourself any trouble or embarrassment.
6. Food / Snacks on The Go
Reaching your destination may take you a while and if you are anything like me, you will get hungry. You can always stop at restaurants or get food from the food courts etc, however, it is best to keep some favorite, go-to snacks on hand. Dry fruits or fruits, pre-homemade durable snacks will take you a long way and help with your hunger! You may also save money this way instead of buying overpriced items at the outside food joints.
7. Comfort & Entertainment
This is a very important factor to take care of. The suggested list of things you should carry is: * A novel or a magazine or an audio book * Travel Pillow, eye mask, cover sheet and ear plugs * Deck of cards, ludo or any other travel game * Water Bottle * Guide Books, maps etc.. * A diary (if you want to make notes or you can also make a list of essential phone numbers and addresses is important in case you lose your phone and need to contact someone or reach somewhere.)
So there you have it folks, the top seven items to pack for a trip and why. Is there anything that we have forgotten? Let us know in the comments below. What is the one thing you cannot live without while traveling? Note these important items on checklist now and don’t miss a single thing for your next travel affair!

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