Why you should do solo travel?

There is nothing like your own company and to be comfortable in silence, enjoying a good novel in a new location surrounded by strangers and putting yourself out of your comfort zone. Solo travel is many times regarded as a great risk because of safety reasons and the chance of feeling lonely but only those who actually are brave enough to risk it actually know the great feeling and benefits that come from it. Here are the Top Ten Advantages of Travelling Solo:
1. Ability To Be Your Own Boss
There is no higher level of freedom than the one which traveling solo can offer. A traveler with the free will to explore whichever place that comes to his desire at his own convenience and in their own style and peace of mind. Surely anyone who enjoys their own company will kill to have the chance to travel solo to experience this ultimate level of freedom.
2. Gaining Confidence
Traveling on your own, without family or friends exposes you to make your own decisions and take responsibility for your own belongings, talk to strangers and hence makes you confident and helps you grow. Even the shyest, introvert people benefit from solo traveling as it would put them in a place out of their comfort zone and hence they would grow their confidence level.
3. Budgeting Skills
Money is an important factor and many lack the skill of managing their own expenses and money. While traveling alone, one can plan the cost of their transport, accommodation, other activities, food allowance and this would help them understand the importance of having and maintaining a budget so that they do not overspend and can make the most out of their allowed budget.
4. No Arguments or Drama
Group trips are fun, no doubt about that but it is no surprise that it can cause a lot of drama sometimes. From trying to decide where to go, how long to stay there, where to eat, everything can present as a challenge as members would have different choices and tastes. All this hassle does not happen in solo travel. After all, when one spends so much money on a trip the last thing one desires is everyone in an angry mood and a bad experience. Luckily, traveling solo is an easy solution to all the drama which comes with group trips.
5. Making New Friends/ Meeting Romantic Strangers
It is the ultimate fantasy fueled by movies and books to make new friends and fall in love while traveling. However, this rarely happens in real life. Why? Because you are always traveling with people you already know and therefore never take the effort to interact with friendly strangers. In case of traveling alone, you would be alone and therefore seek company and make conversation with the people you meet at hotels or on adventure activities and make a lot of new, lasting friendships.
6. Exploring Your Creative Zone
Traveling solo gives you ample time in your own company with your thoughts. You can write a book or work on a creative idea that you have without having any distractions to occupy your mind. It is a great way to clear your mind and get a fresh perspective on life, your dreams, goals and get more in touch with your inner self which many of us forget to do on a daily basis.
7. Learning Local Skills
Wherever you travel, traveling solo gives you an opportunity to stay with the locals and interact with them at a much deeper level. You can pick up their language, their style of living, help them with their chores and even make a small living out of it while you are there. Traveling in a group always involves depending on the person who is a problem solver to get you out of everything and you do not learn much.
8. Collaborate with other solo travelers
A lot of the digital nomad living involves traveling solo and working four days a week from your laptop while interacting with other solo traveling digital nomads in exotic locations. Solo traveling can be your gateway to this profession which pays extremely well and allows you to work while sipping on exotic drinks and beautiful cafes and with stunning views.
9. Stress buster therapy
Many times physicians recommend travel therapy for overworked individuals and traveling solo can prove therapeutic and one can be free of all their stress and deadlines and simply enjoy the beautiful location, food, and culture of the place they are in. It can help improve their health and make them feel lighter again.
10. Makes People Miss You, A Lot!
When you are always available for everyone, people start taking you for granted sometimes and going away on your own for a trip will make people miss you and when you are back, you would have helped your relationship, with your family, friends and loved ones by increasing your own value as it makes them realize that you are priority and your absence can make a difference!
What kind of a traveler are you, solo or group traveler? Let us know in the comments below. Have you ever traveled solo or do you wish to in the future? If so tell us the location you dream to visit and who knows we can make it happen! Happy Travelling!

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