Women with Wings | #IWD2019

It’s always fascinating to see travel stories of people travelling around the world. The stories which make you realize that the world is not the same as you see looking out of your window. Its much more beautiful and needed to be explored to the core. The stories which makes you feel that there is something you need to change within you to live a life of your dreams. The stories which makes you to start a journey you could never imagine. And the ones who create such stories are true inspiration. But believe it or not its not easy to create such magic. It takes a whole journey to reach a level where people gets inspired from you, a journey where you face struggle, failure, success and need an attitude to handle such success.

On this women’s day we decided to feature such amazing stories of Women travelers who decided to be rebel in their own ways, not to follow what people say, took the step of leaving their full time jobs and try something out of the box, digital nomads etc. etc. etc.

1. Trishita Bhattacharya aka Overrated Outcast

is a 22 years young from Mumbai, a pharmacy student and a very outstanding photographer. All her pictures have some story to tell. GoProin Ambassador | Day Dreamer | Happiness Advocate | Adventure Seeker – as her instagram says. She is going places and giving some real time life goals. Also her #doingtheoverratedoutcast is something you should not miss. And what’s that? No, we won’t tell it here. Go, check out her interview to know more……. Click here to read more

2. Niharika Arora aka The Iffy Explorer

Someone who believes in collecting stories in an authentic way. She talks to her camera, and you will find her chit chatting with locals on her trips. An architect by qualification, Photographer & Videographer by Passion, a girl with golden heart. She will never say no to any help. Trust me. You need to read her interview to know more about her.. Read full interview here..

3. Jade D’sa aka That Goan Girl

Her food and travel stories on instagram will give you that “chull” to stand up, pack your bags, leave your house and follow her footsteps. No, i am not joking. The best part is, she writes all her experiences in her blog which is very informative and inspiring at the same time. She is a digital nomad, who quit her job to be her own boss. Read here to know more about her.

4. Anamika Mishra

Author of 3 books, blogger and motivational speaker. Anamika fall in love with travel since she was a kind, as she got it from her father who too was a travel lover. A selfie addict, who loves to know history about places and she loves dogs too. Click here to know more about her.

5. Ankita Jaiswal aka The Soulful Safarnama

A tour guide, a travel blogger who is also a fashion enthusiast. A good view with a cup of ginger lemon is what she adores. She is a kind of traveler who loves to experience different culture and love to know about the history of a place and the kind of life people living at different places. Click here to know more about her.

6. Madhuri Soni on her Madventures

She is from Mumbai and is currently working at Zostel. An interior designer, with great working experience and now mostly on the move. They say “Travel turns you into s storyteller”. That’s totally true in her case. The way she narrates her story is very interesting, and cute. She is very simple and sweet personality. Read here to know more about her.

7. Shriya Sahni

A Chartered Accountant by profession, a writer by heart and traveller by passion. Placed in KPMG currently she often can be found scribbling her thoughts in a diary even during official meetings. You can find her on a hilltop with a backpack as that is how she loves to spend her weekends when not stuck with work. Click here to know more about her.

They are the ones with real affair with travel.
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